Political solution best way for Syria despite chemical weapons evidence: Baird


CHELSEA, Que. – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria is mounting, but a political solution remains the best way to end the conflict.

Baird says Canada wants to ensure it has all the facts before deciding how to respond to allegations of a chemical weapons attack this week outside Damascus.

He made the remarks today after a meeting with Indonesia’s foreign minister.

Syrian anti-government activists accuse President Bashar Assad’s regime of carrying out a toxic gas attack that may have killed as many as 1,300 people — allegations the government calls “absolutely baseless.”

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is urging the Syrian government to agree to his request for UN experts to investigate the claims.

Baird says Canada supports the UN’s efforts to find out what happened.


Political solution best way for Syria despite chemical weapons evidence: Baird

  1. Baird’s getting his talking points from the Boss. He’s all talk and no action on this one. He’s really no better than those bunch of high paid pencil pushers who occupy UN office space and turn a blind eye to what’s going on. The slaughter of the Armenian’s by the Ottoman Turks was no different. Virtually no one intervened in that massacre/genocide. Barack Obama’s “Red Line policy?” A joke! The only country who seems to be taking a hard line is France?
    Screw Russia and China. Who cares what these two countries think as long as they continue to condone this sort of crap. Give their leaders a taste of nerve gas. Let Putin see what that’s like. Let the ruling Communist Party of China get a lethal dose of it. Video tape it. And the UN will contend, that regardless of the video evidence, they’d need to have their inspectors to a proper forensic assessment of the site before making another empty proclamation on how unfortunate the Syrian people are to be living under such a brutally inhumane dictatorial regime. The senseless slaughter will continue. Cowards.

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