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Poll: G20 isn’t worth the hassle

‘It’s not worth the disruption. It’s not worth the money. It’s not even worth the prestige.’


Canada has spoken out on the G20. The verdict? It’s not worth it. According to a recent Ipsos Reid poll, more than two thirds of Canadians are unhappy with the cost of hosting the G20 in Toronto. “Canadians look at this and say it’s not worth the disruption. It’s not worth the money. It’s not even worth the prestige,” said John Wright of Ipsos Reid. The criticism peaked after plans to build a $2 million dollar fake lake inside the Toronto media centre were revealed to the public. The government now says the cost of the lake will be $57,000. Security costs, meanwhile, are estimated at more than $900 million to host 8,000 delegates and 3,000 journalists from June 25 to 27. While MPs continue to blast the Prime Minister, Harper maintains that the conference is a “classic attempt for us to be able to market the country.”

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Poll: G20 isn’t worth the hassle

  1. I'm generally loathe to accuse Canadians in general of being short-sighted and stupid, but…


    I mean, come on people, these meetings are going on and if you think our country can work in isolation these days, you're seriously dreaming. What happens here, whether we're there or not, *will* have effects for us. If people don't want to be there that's just.. ..I should shut up here.

    Now, have problems with the execution, absolutely. This has been a CPC cluster-fork like.. well.. I was going to say like no other, but for those of us who are paying attention, it's pretty much par for the course for the CPC, but still. But just because the CPC has no clue how to do anything but hide what they're doing is no reason to get rid of that baby with the bathwater.

  2. I'm curious as to what the poll results for just residents of Toronto is. Anyone got a link to the data itself?

  3. OH come on! The Vancouver Province!
    If was up to the Province we would all live on reservations waiting for the next hand out with an economy mirroring Greece. The most left wing nut socialist paper in the country ( well at least a tight race with the Toronto star).

    Canada is a country yes but it is also a business. We have strong economic fundamentals, strong banks and lots of things in the ground to sell to producing nations. We need to promote this while the going is good. So yes like a company attending a trade show we have to spend some $$ to promote ourselves.
    The problem with socialists is they can't understand that concept with their level of selfishness. That money could have been giving to the poor, the homeless etc. blah blah blah.
    Now if those who object to the G8 / G20 stood up and said that money could have been used somewhere else to better promote Canada during the function then the argument could have teeth.

    • The problem with socialists is that they don't like to spend other people's money? Curious.

      Here's an idea, lets take all that money – you know, the money that we don't have – and not spend it. It doesn't need to go to other programs. It doesn't need to be spent on beautification. Lets just not borrow it.

  4. Imagine being a journalist headed for the G8 G20 summit. You're the envy of the newsroom , bragging about how you'll be lounging in a deck chair.drinking free booze . protected from the harsh Canadian sun by a magnifcent gazebo, enjoying the breeze off the lake while paddling a canoe over to the rocky shore ;where the lighthouse will guide you safely to the new pristene toilets as the cry of the loney loon echoes in the trees .
    Once reality sets in you will realize Harper's Folly will be the best faux experience of your life. The lake won't be the only thing to make shallow comments about but at least you got to watch the World Cup on the jumbotron.

  5. Unfortunately, the end results of these government tourist stimulation programs are unmeasurable. How do we know if tourists come to Canada after the G8/G20 because of the absolute magnificence of the "fake lake" (albeit painted) or if they would have come without Canadian taxpayers funding a $1 billion advertising campaign?

    That's why politicians and Parliament should never interfere in private for profit business. They simply haven't got the skill set necessary.


  6. Harper quotes a single Tourist operator (why wont this guy support the summits) as supporting the Summits. Is that how he runs this country?

  7. This is ridiculous. Just plain ridiculous. Absurd. Period, end of sentence.

  8. JWB is dead right. Not unlike companies, countries must promote themselves and the more Canada can get its' name 'out there' the better the odds of attracting more investment funding. Trouble is, socialists simply do not understand the need for investment monies.
    That includes the bulk of the newspaper and TV staffers not to mention almost every university prof in existence in Canada and the U.S. When we look like Greece, these people will be happy.

    • Not sure that a G20 summit is the best way to attract investment funding. If potential foreign investors visit Toronto along with their world leaders, they will mostly see a city in security lockdown. They won't get much of a chance to actually view Canada as it is.

  9. I have just heard on TV that a temporary fence around Convention Center cost $5.6 mln of our money. I really would like to see a public tender for this work! This is a daytime robbery.

    If leaders of the free world are so afraid of that same world, why not to buy out one island for the purpose of such overly secured meeting? Equip it with all fences and cameras and whatever else security can think of, but have it done once and forever instead of hosting this traveling circus with road blocks and sound cannon all over again in different places. I guess for $2 bln one can have a very well secured island with plenty of space for 20 leaders.
    And there is no need to ship all journalists there – just let do their job over telecommunication networks.

    • How about the Arctic? That ought to keep the protesters away at least.

  10. As Canadian incomes are increasingly squeezed by growing utility bills, housing costs, and higher and newer taxes (HST) it is infuriating, to say the least, to see billions of dollars blown away on a glorified conference that is, in some inexplicable way, supposed to promote Canadian tourism. (Isn't this what the Olympics were for?!) For the hundreds of thousands who are still out of work, the feelings must be even stronger.

    All I can say is remember this when you vote.