Poll: NDP support shrinking in Quebec

NDP registers lowest support in the province since May


A recent Harris-Decima poll conducted for the Canadian Press indicates support for the New Democratic Party in Quebec has shrunk to 26 per cent, down to levels registered by the Bloc Québécois. It is the first time since May that the NDP fails to show a distinct lead in a Harris-Decima poll. It was in Quebec that the NDP orange wave surged in the last federal election, capturing 59 seats in the province, to lift the party into official opposition for the first time. According to Harris-Decima’s chairman Allan Greg, the drop in NDP support has accelerated in the last few weeks, raising the stakes in the party’s leadership campaign.

The Globe and Mail

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Poll: NDP support shrinking in Quebec

  1. a george divided against itself cannot stand.

  2. The NDP “success” in the last election was an aberration caused by voters who didn’t know what they were doing.

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