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Poll projects 100 seats for NDP

Layton’s party is quickly outpacing the Liberals


According to a new EKOS poll conducted from April 22 to April 24, Jack Layton’s NDP could win 100 seats on May 2, putting it in second place behind the Conservatives, The Globe and Mail reports. The poll put the Conservatives at 33.7 per cent support nationally among decided and leaning voters, and the NDP at 28 per cent, while the Liberals trailed at 23.7 per cent. If those numbers pan out on Election Day, Layton could have a working majority in the House of Commons with the support of the third-place Liberals. It will be the Liberals’ worst showing ever and the best result by far for the NDP. The poll of 2,783 voters is accurate within 1.8 percentage points.

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Poll projects 100 seats for NDP

  1. What has happened to this country… are we actually going to let ourselves be governed by genuine socialists, supported by a liberal party that has shifted so far left they too are almost socialists themselves? Like Harper or not, he is the ONLY offering at this time has the will to do his best to ensure that Canada continues to move forward through recovery. We would all love many things that the other parties are promoting, but we just cannot consider them until we reduce our debt and get back on track. It's no different than the way you run your own finances… you cannot endlessly borrow to buy things you cannot afford.

    • Oh noes – teh socialists! They will surely compromise the purity and essense of our bodily fluids!

    • Are we going to let ourselves be governed by *socialists*? Hah! Yep. The Cons have had their shot at mucking us up royally. Time to move on.

    • Wel at least there are some people that get the problem… Canada has been governed by left of centre groups for long enough. The other parties are so far left it makes Harper appear "right wing". But he isn't… he offers the closest thing to what Canada needs; fiscal responsibility is the only way Canada can continue to pay for what Canadians value. You want better health care, tax credits and various ways to help out families and strengthen education for all? Then get the financial house in order first. Then we can talk about some of the ideas being floated around.

      • You want to get the financial house in order? What on earth makes you think Harper is the person to do it? His budget only balances because he's counting on 11 billion dollars in spending cuts that even he admits they haven't identified yet, and even then, it still requires the economy to run absolutely perfectly for the next four years with nary a hiccup if there's a hope of meeting his projections.

        This is what's driving me bonkers.. all the people saying "Oh, Harper's the man to keep our economy on track" are not only ignoring what Harper's done in the past, but they're ignoring what his actual plans are now. They're just taking it on.. well.. on his word that he's the guy for the economy. That's like taking my word that I'm the guy to fix your car just after I've set it on fire, and looking around for a gas-can.

    • Astroturf. Don't legitimize it by commenting. Whoops, I commented.

    • Buying $100 million jet fighters is a good way to beat a deficit. If Steve wants to get rid of the deficit, he has a funny way of showing it.

      • And blowing a cool billion or so on self-aggrandizing G8/20 photo ops.

        • And more millions on EAC signs which were made in the US, so some jobs were created in the US.

        • Taxpayers shelled out $10,000 for Harper hair-styling alone for the G8/G20.
          That's borrowed money as well.

          ^NOT a great money manager.

          • You got suckered by a satirical website. Pretty lame.

          • You're right, crit. All the accusations about Harper being an authoritarian leader, about his party lying to the parliament, about his fear mongering, about his corporate hand outs, about his love for super jails and fighter jets was invented by satirists. It's too bad people are so hard on him when he's such a swell guy.

    • Adrian your delusional! The conservatives will make the rich richer and thats where the economical recovery ends. Do you want to pay $800 a month for private health insurance?…I don't. Our Medicare system can work just fine if the right wingers stop dismantling it. No Adrian I don't want to be poorer give me the NDP and Liberals any day over Steve!

    • Canadians aren't going to vote for austerity. Because they would rather have less overhead costs under twentieth-century social state programs that work and can be improved than pay more under a bloated private sector (see theFinancial Insurance and Real Estate sector/syndicate in the USA). With more and more money in the private economy circulating from privately-issued credit (against interest-bearing debt), people realize that they would rather have the government go into debt than them – it is also less risky for government to bear the weight of debt burden (Hyman Minksy, Stabilizing and Unstable Economy). For example, the economic boom in the 1990s and 2000s was driven by private debt after deregulation and directly lead to the instabilities we live in now.

      Your analogy is incorrect. The Federal budget is not like a household or a business. http://econproph.com/2010/03/22/the-us-government

    • First,War.no Canadian combate troop involve in half century. Thanks to Stephan Harper make them active again.2nd.Economy,Harper , Dalai Lama joint-venture lost Bombardier to Brazil`s Embraer to China.Bombardier was dominated china market since Trudeau era.Brazilians are thanking Harper for his kindness.

  2. Actually, the debt (not the deficit) Canada still owes was created through the 70's and 80's, beginning with Trudeau, piling deficit upon deficit, year after year. Canada had NO debt when Trudeau came to power. The deficit the country is currently running is a short term infusion, combined with reduced revenues, which all parties agreed was at least partially required to maintain economic growth through the international recession. At least Harper understands it and has a clear priority to reduce it. More economists and less academics and lawyers is so badly what our parliament requires…

    • We were in a structural deficit before the recession ever hit.

      Again, thanks to the CPC.

      I refuse to call them Conservatives.

    • Canada had NO debt when Trudeau came to power.

      WHAT?!?!?! You can't possibly believe that that is true.

      Here's a chart of Canada's debt (in inflation adjusted dollars) back to Diefenbaker's day. Here it is as a percentage of GDP. You'll note that while the debt rose significantly under Trudeau, as a percentage of GDP it was basically exactly the same when Trudeau left office as it had been when Diefenbaker left office (technically, debt as a percentage of GDP was a bit LOWER on Trudeau's last day than it was on Dief's last day). While it's true that the debt as an absolute number went from around $100 billion at the start of Trudeau's first day as PM to $250 billion on his last, Brian Mulroney then spent the next decade DOUBLING IT AGAIN to over $500 billion. The Liberals reversed the Tory trend of rising debt in just FOUR YEARS.

      From 1961 to 2011, Canada's debt (as a percentage of GDP) went up in 23 years and down in 26. Of the 23 years it went up, 13 were under Tory governments and 10 were under Liberal governments. Of the 26 years our debt went down, 22 were during Liberal governments and 4 were during Tory governments. The debt is just one more way that Harper is similar to Chretien. Chretien inherited a rising debt from Mulorney and reversed that trend in just four years. Harper inherited a falling debt from Chretien and reversed that trend in just four years.

  3. Y'know, I thought it was kinda funny when Layton started eating Ignatieff's lunch, but the thought of Prime Minister Layton is pretty scary.

    Fortunately, I think there are two many Liberals that would balk at the thought of an NDP-led coalition. They had enough trouble swallowing the idea with the Liberals on top.

    • I do hope you're right… but unless the Liberals can actually find a leader that makes any sense, their downward spiral is sure to continue… they have gone too far left, too much like the NDP….

      • I would say the same thing about the CPC: come back when you've found a leader with integrity, humility, and respect for democracy.

      • If it's true that the Liberals have gone too far left, wouldn't they be losing supporters to the Tories? If one has come to the conclusion that they Liberals are too much like the NDP and have to move back to the right, why would one then jump to the NDP???

  4. "..TOO many.."

  5. Scott, do remember it was Ignatieff who put pressure on Harper. Spend Mr. Harper, spend. This is what Ignatieff repeated continuously in the Parliament.

    • So what you're saying is that Stephen Harper will give up every last one of his principles as long as it means he gets to stay in power? How positively Liberal of him.

    • This is a common refrain from Tory supporters. How can you imply that Harper was pressured into all this spending by Ignatieff at the VERY SAME TIME that Harper is crisscrossing the country taking credit for all of this spending, and pointing to it as the means the Tories used to save the country's economy?

      The relationship of Tory supporters to the stimulus spending is very "flexible" I'd say. When the discussion is about the recession, the Tories proudly point to their EAP signs from coast to coast as the centerpiece of THEIR plan that kept us at the top of the G8 and saved us from disaster. When discussion turns to the deficit, suddenly all that vital recession-destroying spending was forced on them by the dastardly Liberal-NDP-Bloc cabal.

      I can see how the whole thing is confusing for Tory supporters of course. After all, we're talking about a deficit the Tories promised us in the last election that we'd never have, that they only created to fight the recession they told us wasn't going to happen. Honestly, this particular spin is one of the most impressive feats on the part of the Tories. Spinning their introduction of a deficit they promised the electorate wouldn't be needed (that they now explain they only needed to fight the recession that they told us wasn't going to hit us) as a reason to trust the Tories' economic prowess is just incredible.

      • Unfortunatly, the kind of rethoric you are writing is the real reason people are deserting the liberal party…

        Continue writing such things, my lord, and you shall ensure the NDP passes the Liberals.

        Ignatieff did what he could with the team he had… just like Dion before him.

        • I'm not even sure what any of that means!

          Are you saying that people are abandoning the Liberal Party because they're mad at the Liberals for forcing the Tories to enact the EAP, or are they abandoning the Liberal party because they're incredibly impressed by the EAP that Harper enacted?

          Also, there seems to be a hint in your post that somehow I should be disappointed by the prospect of the NDP passing the Liberals. I haven't actually voted for the Liberals in two straight federal elections, and I haven't remotely decided to vote for them on Monday, so I'm not sure you should be warning me that somehow I'm contributing to the downfall of the Liberals. If I am, I've been doing so since 2006.

  6. The last time I checked the Conservatives were cutting taxes and escalating spending on irresponsible things, such as tens of billions on new fighter jets and prisons we don't need, the price tags of which they refuse to disclose. How is this sensible? Canada's banks, telecom, energy sector etc are doing just fine–raking in billions and billions in annual profit–so it seems to me that the NDP's plan to tax them and spend the $$$ on beneficial things such as health care, homelessness, etc is actually quite reasonable. Sure, the corporate-controlled media will act like it's the end of the world, but their profit margins will still be just fine.

    The Liberals had a surplus and the Conservatives are running record deficits. I am deeply depressed that Conservative voters are so uncritical of their party's reckless tax-cut-and-spend policies, secretiveness, and dishonesty. If they get a majority, it'll be Mulroney all over again… they'll sell out working Canadians to the rich and big business, drive the defecit through the roof, and get resoundingly kicked out of power in the next round. But by then the damage will be done, the rich will have made off with a good chuck of loot and future generations will be stuck with the tab.

    • The Liberals would never have HAD any surpluses to brag about if not for NAFTA and the GST, both Mulroney initiatives that the Libs campaigned AGAINST, but then decided were pretty sweet once in office.

  7. Why is anyone still paying attention to Ekos? This is the same company that wants the Libs to start a culture war to get votes, remember?

    When the election results come in and Ekos will once again have overestimated Liberal and NDP support, that should mark the death knell for anyone taking this company seriously.

    Perhaps you can get Planned Parenthood to share their subsidies with you Mr. Graves?

    • Whoa, a polling desperation post from a CPC supporter? Things are worse for Harper than I thought.

    • A "death knell for anyone taking this company seriously"? Does that mean I will die if I take this company seriously? :p

      • Oops, you're right Desmond. I met the death knell for the company, not the gullible people who believe their claptrap. They will always be with us as as noob here shows.

        • Claptrap?

          Glad to see the retired gents have taken over the Tuesday shift in the warroom…

          Also, as to culture wars? I keep hearing "toronto elite". What's that, exactly?

    • Yeah Canbuhay, cite a conservative BLOG as proof that EKOS wants a culture war. Other polls, have already confirmed the EKOS poll— I didn't know that all statisticians were ideological.

  8. hahahahah! – for quite some time now I have been posting that this would happen and as usual thumbs down galore on this harper hating web site …. look folks you have to realize what is happening here otherwise you are going to wake up the day after the polls close and have a very bad hair day !!! – Harper and Layton will be facing each other in the House and Bobby and Party will be throwing Iggy under the bus faster than they did Dion. What we are witnessing here is the collapse of the liberal party – we even have more NDP'ers calling for ABC then depsite their promises voting NDP – right now any left wing nut would be out of their minds to support the Liberals and Jack proved this point when he turned on Iggy and stabbed him in the back at the debates thus starting the momentum .. Harper is on one side of Iggy slicing and Jack is on ther side of Iggy dicing – the result will be a House with a far clearer choice too canadians one where we will have a strong Right Wing Party and a strong Left Wing Party wih scattered Liberlas here and there – in a way this is a favour to the party as it will then be able to take the time to rebuild and renew without resorting to coronating another parachuted in saviour

    • you fail at paragraphs.

  9. I don't believe that the NDP will win that many seats. I do believe however that the centre-left vote will undoubtedly be split again, and that the only people who will be smiling on May.3 will be the majority Conservatives.

    • This is a realistic assessment.

    • Indeed, the only realistic assessment I've seen so far.

      As a progressive voter I really do hope the LPC/NDP end up with a majority total, regardless of who leads it, but my experience from the 1988 election tells me that this surge will result in a progressive vote split and therefore a comfortable CPC majority.

  10. People need to stop and think. Where is all this money going to come from for Layton's promises? Increased personal taxes, increased GST/HST, as well as increased corporate taxes which will only drive corporations out of the country. The cap-in-trade is supposed to fund 1/3 of the new increased spending. This is just a carbon tax, which will see all of us paying a hell of a lot more for everything. Gas. Food. Clothing. Electricity. The socialists hate big business and want to penalize them. Where do they think the jobs, that run this economy, come from? Reducing taxes has always been shown to increase tax revenue. Harper's got the right stuff. Think about it.

    • Oh good… now there are 3 of us in the discussion that get it. Maybe Canada really does need a lot more emphasis on Education… courses on common sense would be a start, then we can begin teaching economics. It amazes me that people actually think taxing business more brings in more taxes…

    • Inferring that the Conservative Party of Canada loves big business is probably a counter-productive speaking point. It invokes images of Walmart, Enron, and Wall Street. Quite frankly, there are a large number of people in this country who smile at the thought of screwing the big corporations. Maybe even a majority of people.

      Just sayin'.

    • "Where is all this money going to come from for Layton's promises?"

      Well, for a start, it could come from re-allocating the billions the Cons have committed for prisons, jets, and corporate tax cuts. We can't be sure how much money would be saved/diverted in this manner because Harper hasn't had the courage to tell us what his commitments will cost.

    • Same place as the money to pay the real price for Harper's F35s.

    • Harper Conservative revenues were reduced by January's larger corporation tax reduction, which NDPs will reverse.

      During 2007-2009:

      – the share of federal revenue from personal income tax went up from 55.5% to 60.6%
      – the amount from corporate income tax dropped from 20% to 15.4%.
      – corporations paid $40.6 Billion in '07 and only $30.4 Billion in '09
      – individual Canadians made up the shortfall.

      By reversing the January larger corporation tax reduction, NDPs will generate Billions in tax revenue for Canada.

      Read more informative and humourous Conservative humor:
      Which Canada will You vote for? http://compellingcomics.justsomeguy.com/CanadaVot

  11. .
    I never read those polls. I will vote in the hope that the NDP will take ALL the seats. That they will pay off student debt with the money to be wasted on those ridiculous jets.

    That they will provide a lasting stability for public and private enterprise through strategic funding, and not Mr. Harper's cut and trim free-market carcinoma. That's a stability that needs excising and healing.

    • danR… there are still a few places left in the world that are trying to build the type of communist society that you apparently want for Canada… perhaps you should consider moving.

      • The beauty of a Westminster Parliamentary system is that people like yourself and danR get to decide which direction their government gets to go, whether it be toward a free-market capitalist utopia or a socialist paradise.

        No one needs to move.

        • Yes they're free to make their choice. Ontarians once chose Bob Rae, and paid the price.

          • And then they voted in Mike Harris who gave it to them repeatedly in the bum, before Dalton took his turn. Why do you specifically have a problem with Rae? The NDP have had less chances to rob us blind, why not give them a shot to mess up on the federal level so you can say "I told you so?" to every lefty around?

            Oh, it's because you like getting it in the bum by someone who tells you they aren't giving it to you in the bum. Accept the lies spoken from men who will not answer direct questions and use their crowds of vapid followers to applaud their inane remarks, and drown out any question they find discomforting.

            We should never question our leaders. They wouldn't be leading us if they weren't better than us, right?

      • @Canadian Yes,

        Good grief, you seem to be serious in your anticommunist fearmongering. If you seriously think the NDP is communist, or even socialist, then you are the one who needs to leave the country and travel a bit, learn something about the world beyond the parochial anglophone US dominated media. Much of the NDP’s agenda would be considered pretty run of the mill in countries like Germany — yeah, there’s a real basketcase economy led by longhaired radicals, right?

  12. No complaint here! If NDP get elected, it means my predictions, which never included this, will be advanced faster. You will love America. From pole to pole.

    • More proof of my assertions of a yahoo Country! It will be good to see it done in. Problem is, I think the Americans are having second thoughts about absorbing the dysfunctional french east.

      "A group of Quebec security guards is facing linguistic discrimination for being told not to speak Creole on the job, says a human rights advocacy group.

      Montreal's Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations has taken on the case of 30 people of Haitian origin who work as private security guards at a federal immigration detention centre in Laval.

      The guards said they received a memo from their employer, Garda, telling them to speak only English or French while at work, even amongst themselves.

  13. Yes, it is their doing, but remember those Lying Liberals demanding that a stimulus be implemented, Demanding that money be spent here, demanding that the stimulus was not being spent fast enough, demanding that they get their projects approved, along with Jack _ss Layton saying the same.

    • Again, either the Tories saved us all with the Economic Action Plan, or they were forced into creating the Economic Action Plan by the dastardly Liberal-Communist-Traitor plot, but you can't argue both things simultaneously. Either the Tories are proud of the stimulus spending they implemented because it saved our economy and kept us ahead of the rest of the world, or they're ashamed of giving in to opposition demands for stimulus spending because it led to a large deficit, and the national debt rising again for the first time in over a decade. However, the current state of affairs in which Tory supporters cheer the stimulus spending in one room, and credit it with saving the country, while another group of Tory supporters decry the stimulus spending in the room next door, and blame the opposition for creating a deficit and raising the debt, has got to stop.

      Either the stimulus spending was a brilliant Tory plan to save us, or it was a dastardly opposition plan to destroy us, but it can't be both at the same time!!!

  14. Right. the pollster who predicted correctly FOrd would win the mayorlty of Toronto.. while others predicted a neck and neck race.. is a bad pollster.

    Make no mistake.. this could be an outlier (tho his new poll he released today to see if the one yesterday was whacky reconfirms Ekos #'s)m but it wont be because he's a Liberal shill or whatever other insult you're parroting from Kory Teynecke,

  15. Well its true and very obvious, the whole media are pulling out all stops against the person who tried to make a real media, out of them. Failed!

  16. Socialists spread poverty around wherever and whenever they attain power over people – just look at every example of socialism in history.

    • You are absolutely right… but reading most of the comments on this story certainly does not say a lot for the intelligence of the Canadian voter, at least the ones reading this site… I cannot believe the what I've been reading… is there a link from the Liberal and NDP sites to this article? Or is this really the way people think? Are Canadians really socialists? It looks like we definitely really do need to put a new emphasis on education in this country…

    • Philanthropist
      Please name all these socialist dystopias – Sweden, and most of Scandinavia? Europe is considered socialist by a lot of right-wing types and the people there don't seem any more oppressed than they do here. You are probably confusing Socialism with Communism and by association with dictatorships like Stalinist Russia and China under Mao.

      In reality 1) there have been many examples of brutal, right-wing dictatorships, 2) the NDP may be lefties but they are not hard-core socialists by any means and 3) these polls are hardly reliable predictors of the election.

      I think it's highly unlikely that Jack Layton will be PM and only hope he does not succeed in splitting the left vote enough to give Stephen Harper a comb-over majority.

  17. Well i guess quebec has decided to make jack PM?
    Amazing, but have people ever been to "socialist" quebec? It's very nice, and community is strong.
    To all those Harper fans, money isn't everything… and those with it can rarely be trusted.

  18. Wow, if you truly believe that Harper is the right answer then you are delusional… you would rather have someone cut your medical care, improve Canada as a military power with millions going towards fighter jets, armored tanks, and so on? Really? Are you guys that pathetic?

    Yes, let's build more prisons, attack other countries, and cut the medical package so we're more like the Americans.

    If you vote conservative you're an idiot and this country deserves nothing. Harper is extremely power hungry, he prorogued parliament when things were getting tense, and he wanted to change the Canadian Government to "The Harper Government" – how self-absorbed is this guy?


  19. >If you vote conservative you're an idiot and this country deserves nothing.

    There seems to be a lot of that sentiment around on these boards and elsewhere. So let's get down to the business of dividing up Canada – 2/3 for the people who think all conservative-minded Canadians are idiots, criminals, and worse; and 1/3 for the idiots and criminals. That way we can all be assured we are living lives as we wish, and not as others would wish/legislate us. Where shall we draw the lines?

  20. Ekos is to polling what Capone was tonation building. Trouble with parasites, they breed far faster than 'hosts' and the more people living the life on government paychecks, handouts, etc. the harder it is to keep them off your back. It will only be a matter of time before the parsites ensure the host dies of malnutrition. Amazing how hardly a soul in the media can understand that possibility.

  21. Layton's sexy mustache at work.

  22. Here is why we are all screwed

    1) Having an IQ of 100 makes you fairly stupid. The average IQ is 100. Half of the people are below this.
    Therefore most people are stupid QED

    2) The winner of an election is the one most people vote for – and since most people are stupid there will be an abundance of bad choices.

    3) Liberals are thieves and morons (perfect candidates for the mass morons to vote for)
    so we will end up with enough liberal influence to do things like
    spend billions on something like a useless gun registry (while gang bangers still love their unregistered weapons)
    after wasting a bil on useless gun registries, why not just outright steal money from health spending and scandals
    the morons who vote liberal are incapable of learning anyway – so giv'er
    … and the same liberal supporters will whine about valid military spending!

    We are outnumbered by morons – hence, screwed[polldaddy 4976541 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/4976541/ polldaddy]

    • You lost the whole "everybody else is stupid" thread when you mis-used QED to make yourself seem smarter.

      • Forget QED, he misused AVERAGE in the first sentence.

        The median IQ is indeed 100, but in common usage the MEAN is referred to as the "average", not the median.

  23. Why would any Canadian in their left mind vote NDP?!…

    A party who has forced MEDICARE on every CDN?, only people who can pay out of their own pockets wile bleeding to death in a ditch should be able to get medical treatment or too bad!…

    A party whose founder Tommy Douglas was voted the GREATEST CANADIAN in the history of our country!, who does he think he is?!…

    A party who cares about the people?!?!, forget the people!, what about the oil companies, banks & big corporations?!, their only making millions in profits!, crap I'm out of bread & water again…

    A leader who thinks the credit card companies are charging us to much interest?!, who cares if Canadians are drowning themselves in dept!, keep the government out of the billionaires business!…

    I mean geeze baaa! The other parties & media etc keep telling me not to vote NDP baaa! they say the SKY WILL FALL! baaa! you'd be crazy baaa! to think for yourself! baaa! you know you can TRUST what baaa! the other parties tell you to FEAR baaa!.


  24. In response to the Quebec arena talks, Jack Layton said no, he would not support $1 Billion arenas for professional groups that could generate their own funds. He added that he would use taxpayer funds to build arenas throughout all of Canada for amateur sports, trade shows, community events.

    People of Canada approve of this attitude towards governance, and can be relieved NDPs are not accustomed to spending in multiples of Billion dollar amounts with a taxpayer-funded Canada credit card.

    Jack Layton's comments and background show that he is the leader of the party that should be elected. Why not try something new, and vote NDP?

    This country is already in a crisis financially. It is VERY IMPORTANT Conservatives understand. Please go over an informative Harper Conservative political comic:

    Which Canada will You Vote for?
    (French or English)

  25. This is great!! We need more social programs!! Everyone knows that if you are having trouble paying for the social programs that you already have the best thing to do is to create new ones. Don't worry about the money, there's some hypothetical wealthy people and corporations who will pay for it all, even though it has never ever worked out that the middle class doesn't pay more for increased social spending. Don't worry about high taxes driving away employers and thus killing job prospects for Canadians. That only happens in other countries with Socialist gov'ts. It won't happen here. Jack said so and I'm with Jack! Are you with Jack???

    • You don't know Jack.

    • It frustrates me that more and more Canadians feel the government should take care of them from the cradle to the grave on somebody else's dime.

      • It's our own dime D Jaszon, we pay the taxes and we deserve our taxes to be used for good government not greedy partisan BS.

  26. I can't believe that there are still many Canadians who believe on promises paid for later on from their own pockets. Even worse, there are still those who have educational achievements yet uneducated enough to believe that they will be exempt from paying increased corporate (whatever else) taxes, without that trickling to the prices of their day to day needs (goods/services). I believe that Canada's education system (when it comes to real economics) has failed. Are the teaching profession or educational boards intentionally skipped teaching economics in keeping the populace ignorant in order to keep safe their agenda, and to ensure perpetual sympathy for the demands of their unions? If not, are there many of our teachers just as ignorant when it comes to real economics?

  27. The liberal party is full of enough useless fat cat mp's, that the citizens will be glad to switch to ndp to clear them out, because hints have never done it. Some of the stupid dorks even think they will be PM someday! lol They must all have mommies like dion's
    Lets hope the Atlantic has enough sense to vote for Conservatives or thats it for places like New Brunswick!. It will be a french enclave forever if the English don't smarten up. Alberta is about done supporting a civil and public service 3 times larger then any other Province or State, and growing.

  28. Jack is going to have to prop up Harper because the Liberals sure as sh!t aren't going to. Then we'll see how good the NDP attendence is during the votes.
    I'm sorry, I just cannot join the herd on this NDP thing.
    Maybe the support is coming from students who were home for the Easter weekend during this poll..?
    This post is an automatic thumbs down, but can't be one of the cool kids on this one.

  29. The NDP will spen spend spend and tax tax tax.

    Your change will destroy Canada's economy