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Poll puts Liberals fourth in Quebec

NDP climbs into third place, behind Bloc, Tories


A new CROP poll shows the the Bloc Québécois would once again take the vast majority of seats in Quebec if a federal election were held today. But if the Bloc’s dominance comes as no surprise, the same can’t be said of the dismal showing by the federal Liberals. Support for the Grits has tumbled to 18 per cent in the province, behind both the Conservatives (20 per cent) and the NDP (19 per cent). Nearly six in 10 (58 per cent) of Quebecers say they would welcome a federal election in 2011, including 72 per cent of Liberal party supporters.

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Poll puts Liberals fourth in Quebec

  1. excellent, excellent.

  2. Doesn't surprise me at all ! … the LPT is just that … once a Liberal Party in name only now a political party in Toronto only ! .. most of the ol Bay St. Boys have gone into hiding in Chretiens rumpus room and aren't going to come out until Justin gets a file and becomes a Critic in the House, after that we will start to see the LPT gear up and the knives really come out for the Igster until then same o same o for the Lib's – just how it is folks –

  3. That is further evidence that the Liberal Party of Toronto is no longer a national party with the ability to represent the federalist position. Why are the Liberals putting up with the massive failure known as Iggy? These are the worst numbers in the history of the Lib party in Quebec. Of course not a hint of coverage on this in the English news papers like the Mop and Pail.

  4. Hmmm

    I understand that poll to have first asked questions about the provincial liberal party. Won't that affect the numbers? While the numbers place the LPC last, there is but 2% difference between them and the CPC. What is the margin of error here?

    Or does it make better headlines to say "fourth place" instead of "3 federalist parties statistically tied".

    • Don't worry Gayle those Rob Ford voters will help the Liberals hold their Toronto seats.

      • L right out L

  5. Are we supposed to be surprised with the Liberas? I don't think so!

    Ignatieff has to go and the Liberals have to start from scratch, take a slice of humble pie and start all over again!

    • Unfortunately there is nothing in the Liberal party constitution which would allow the party to de-appoint a leader. The only way would be a caucus revolt and that would be a very messy business.

      • It will happen, if there is no election, they wont waste another year with him!!

      • The bus breakdown was never investigated. It might have been sabotage so he won't return.

  6. That's what happens when corrupt Liberals stop passing out envelopes stuffed with stolen cash.

    • That is hilarious!

      Only, the sponsorship scandal was over 10 years ago, and the liberals got more seats in Quebec than the CPC last time round, so….

      • That was then. This is now. This is not the Trudeau/Chretien Liberal party. It is a party that has lost its way and has a leader who Canadians are not supporting. Sorry Gayle. Thats the way it is and you can spin it anyway you want but that's what is happening today.

        • Wow. That was totally insightful.

          Anyhoo, Phila here was trying to suggest the only way the LPC elects people in Quebec is through corruption and sponsorship scandals, and I merely pointed out, with a little tiny fact, that Phila here is just being silly.

          You have a nice new year now.

          • Have they paid us back and not told anyone?

            You may not mind theft that hurts a lot of people only a little, but if the theft hurt one person a lot, you, my guess is that you would be a whole lot less forgiving – even if the thieves were Liberals.

            Liberal corruption and theft was never properly dealt with, the Gomery mess was a sideshow, until the Liberals that stole the money are at the very least identified, the crimes remain a legitimate open question.

      • time for change gayle

  7. Time for an election…no wait…maybe next year!

  8. As this orgy of spending and ridiculously high wages, benefits and pensions for government workers by our elected officials comes home to roost you are going to see more and more countries as we used to know them start to crumble. We have seen the enemy and he is us…Gonna ultimately be a combination of '1984' and 'Mad max'.

    • I agree with you. However, attacking the unions and trying to break contracts is not something any government wants to do. We have indications that the city workers in New York worked to rule over clearing the streets because they didn't like what Bloomberg was doing with wages and lay offs. That is big trouble for any government. So how do we start making demands reasonable and in keeping with what is happening in the private sector?

    • dont think so the liberals arent in power and wont be any time soon

  9. Being reflexively against everything the CPC proposes does not a party make.

    Further, general notions of high mindedness, and academic superiorty are not principles upon which a party can be founded.

    As such, the Liberal party will continue to languish.

    Thank you, and have a happy new year.

  10. Being within 1% of each other, I don't think you can make any conclusions about which of the three major federal parties are ahead in Quebec. I'm sure the margin of error is at least 2-3%. Without numbers on sample size and error, the numbers have little value. And besides, provincial numbers are of little consequence, because we know the Conservative support is centered around Quebec City and southeastern Quebec, the Liberals are in Montreal and southwestern Quebec, and the Bloc elsewhere. A much better polling method would be to have individual polls in the various voting regions, though this would be a difficult thing to accomplish.

  11. And Ignatieff wants an election. God bless the man. Harper must be counting his new years blessings already. Whether the poll is real or not is not the issue. The fact is Ignatieff and the Libs are going nowhere in a hurry in Quebec.


    • If you say it often enough, it magically comes true!

    • I expect Harper would not agree with your assessment.

    • No Liberals should give Ignatieff at least two shots. If he loses his seat, they should still keep him as their leader, he is a wonderful asset to the Liberal party.

      Please don't go.

  13. they poll higher in Alberta than in Quebec. hilarious.

    • And kinda sad.