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Half of young Canadians indifferent toward royal couple

64 percent of Quebecers would like to completely sever ties to monarchy


An Angus Reid Public Opinion poll conducted by The Toronto Star reveals that over half of Canadians aged 18 to 34 are indifferent toward Wills and Kate’s upcoming Canadian tour. 37 percent of Canadians over age 55 and 43 percent between 35 and 54 feel the same way. The vice-president of Angus Reid, Jaideep Mukerji, says that young people may be uninterested in William and Kate because they feel the British monarchy is irrelevant in their lives. French-speaking Canadians weighed in as the least interested in the royals, with 64 percent in favour of completely severing ties with the monarchy.

The Toronto Star

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Half of young Canadians indifferent toward royal couple

  1. Half of Quebekers are stupid.

    • and the other half want to sever all ties……

      • I take it back. Half of Quebekers are not stupid.

    •  No, not really.

       I’m fed up with a situation when we have to cheer even for a week-long visit by non-monarchs. I actually want the Queen of Canada (yes, she’s a Queen of Canada in a separate role) do her job and show up here once in a while, maybe, for a week. Maybe, for two weeks. But, hell, just do something!

       I applaud to Michelle Jean. She was a terrific governor-general as far as my monarchist feelings are concerned. Eating seal harts? That’s pretty cool! She was accessible, I could definitely connect to her. With Will and Kate? Well, not so much. They come to Canada as tourists, they don’t even care much about what’s going on here. I don’t ask them to come down to Toronto, I just want them to act as freaking’ royalty, not tourists. Kings don’t “just visit” Canada. Kings come to inspect their land, and I expect them to give a damn about how the people here are doing, not just kayak across some lakes and do giggly-eyes in front of cameras.

       Seriously, I can understand that we don’t pay them much. I understand if we have to set up a nice sum, well, say, 350 million CAD (roughly ten bucks per Canadian) to come here and do something, but I can’t really understand why the hell we are formally ruled by people who just take a plane – mind it, ONCE every ten years or so – we’re in the 21st century, for Heaven’s sake, we can do it more often, business travel is the new reality – and then go on like “Wow, Canada! It’s so big! I can kayak here!”. Nope, it doesn’t work like that.

       Either you’re an embodiment of supreme power (and the head of the Church of England), or you’re a freakin’ rich European tourist. I expect you to come to, say, Thunder Bay, not necessarily have a beer with the guys – you’re a monarch, afterall, – but at least say: “Wow! My minions are capable of producing such fine meals of burger and cheese, which they fully enjoy! I bless my blessings upon the glorious town of Thunder Bay and the glorious province of Ontario in my glorious country of Canada, since if my subjects prosper, then my Empire prosper, and I do, do care!” – followed by flag waiving and such – but I don’t accept a tourist monarch. Either you care (which you should), or you’re not a ruler, even in name only.

       I swore my oath to the Queen, so, frankly, I expect her to have a reason to make me do so.


  2. Well this young person has a great deal of pride in our Crown of Maples.  I hope their Royal Highnesses’ visit is a resounding success – God Save the Queen of Canada!

  3. Not surprising….’royalty’ is a feudal leftover that should long since have been consigned to the dustbin of history.

  4. I think William and Kate are great!  It’s especially nice that Kate found a stepfather for her eight children.  I still like her show on TLC. lol

  5. Hooray.  Will and Kate should stay at home.