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Poll shows Conservatives’ lead has evaporated

Conservatives and Liberals virtually tied


A new EKOS poll suggests the federal Conservatives’ lead over the Liberals has evaporated and the parties are now virtually tied. The ruling Tories had a sizable lead over the Liberals going into the summer, but a poll conducted between July 28 and August 3 found 29.7 per cent of respondents would vote for the Tories if an election were held today, compared with 28.5 per cent for the Liberals. Support for the Conservatives had not dropped below 30 per cent since late 2006. The poll also suggested that while 46.7 per cent of Canadians believe the Conservative government is moving in the wrong direction, 41 per cent think the country is moving in the right direction.

CBC News

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Poll shows Conservatives’ lead has evaporated

  1. This poll is meaningless – check the source – the CBC! – a front for the Liberal party – and their lackey supporters who bombard comment sections and forums with Liberal propaganda. They are so desparate they will say anything to get a headline. What a bunch of losers! Maybe if they actually came up with something constructive they wouldn't be a total waste of space.

    • Spoken like a true Conservatibe Reform Alliance Party member!

    • Actually, while the story was written by CBC, the very first line clearly states that the poll was conducted by EKOS, a well respected and well recognized research company. EKOS polls are often used to report business statistics, political percentages, etc. Just the other month they released a poll that showed the conservatives had a major lead (see link). http://www.ekos.com/admin/articles/FG-2010-07-08….

      As for posting constructive comments, it helps to read the story and get your facts right.

    • please dont waste reading space with your idiotic remarks.

    • Moreover, it's an EKOS poll.

      Frank Graves made himself utterly transparent when he recommended that Michael Ignatief invent a culture war in order to get elected.

      When EKOS terminates Graves' employment, they'll have crediibility again. Until then, not a shred.

      • Ekos was the most accurate pollster from the past election. Conservatives bellyaching about Frank Graves and some advice he gave is one of the dumber things to be done – ALL pollsters give advice to political parties at one time or another.

        Moreover, since Frank Graves is the president of Ekos.. its kind of hard for Ekos to get rid of him.

        • not to mention he is the proprietor of the company.

        • EKOS' shareholders can ask him to relieve them of the burden of carrying him — and if they're smart, they will.

          After all, urging a political party leader to blatantly invent a destructive culture war in order to get elected is one thing, and it's bad enough — unless judged from the perspective of one trying to wage cultural warfare (*cough* Scott Tribe *cough*).. He's insisted he has polling data to back his claims up, and has yet to produce them.

          • uhm, isn't it a private company? as the proprietor of a private company, he should give away the goods for free?

  2. Do you have a poll that shows a different trend?

  3. Who really cares anyway…..The best thing that could happen is all the parties would evaporate and the Canadian people hired a CEO that could run this country like a business and just maybe we could all get a few TAX breaks and our Tax dollars where being used to help the country not them self's.

  4. So 'Ottawa' would then have to agree that voluntary submission of data is not reliable, and the CONs are idiots for even trying it with the census.

    CONs in denial…

    BTW, the source is not CBC, it's EKOS – the same pollsters that do Harper's internal polling (via Probit).

  5. Forgive the Cons. They're in denial.

  6. A summer of Torie Treats:

    Stomp on luggage stickers—our border services folks are so stupid they can't tell the difference between stickers on luggage a real contraband! Very serious business, but don't worry, the Tory team will call in Nanny State and choke off even the tiniest twiiter. Thank Gawd! Now we can all be safe.

    No Stats? Make 'em up as you go—Stock Day, (who doubles as The Brain in TV cartoons) has a bead on an imaginary stat, unreported crimes. With crime rates falling and the Tories looking to build a better US-style criminal justice mouse trap, we should all beat a path to the door of Stock's imaginary safe room. Thank Gawd the Nanny State will throw all of those nasty criminals into big warehouse where they can learn the error of their ways. Rumor has it will will also get a National Division of Pre-Crime. If only we could find the Pre-Cogs. Pray, don't think.

    Kill the Census. Of course you can. Like I say, who needs facts when all you really have to do is Believe? So it goes with the Tory faithful in the summer of 2010.

    It's only a shame the Grits don't have a vision or a leader worth paying any attention to at all…

  7. The best thing that could happen is…[if] the Canadian people hired a CEO…

    Canada did hire a CEO. His name was Paul Martin Jr. That didn't turn out so well.

    • exactly

  8. Polls are just important for the moment. Too bad that this latest poll is not on the eve of an election when we could then kick out the double-dealing, extreme right wing, hypocritical, anti democratic, vain and arrogant Stephen Harper as PM.
    Really Canadians deserve better, and I can only hope that the next accurate Ekos Poll on during an actual election has the Cons kyboshed.

  9. I love the fact that when Liberals bleed votes to left-wing parties, Canada's government gets more right-wing. Is this how democracy is supposed to work?

  10. Thanks for proving my point – look at the comments posted and the vote tallies on this thread. 95% of the comments are from Liberal party members spouting the usual arrogant, condascending propaganda. Sad really.. that the only thing the Liberals excel at are sleaze and mud-slinging.