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Polls give Obama win over Romney after debate No. 2


The second presidential debate is over and post-debate polls show that President Barack Obama edged ahead of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, making up for a disappointing performance in the first debate.

In a poll conducted for CBS News immediately after the debate, 37 per cent of the uncommitted voters surveyed said Obama won and 30 per cent gave the victory to Romney. It was too close to call for 33 per cent of respondents, who called the debate a tie.

It’s a marked increase for the president compared to the first debate when, in a similar poll, just 22 per cent of uncommitted voters gave Obama the win and 46 per cent said Romeny came out on top.

In another poll conducted for CNN Obama also came out ahead, with 46 per cent of respondents who watched the debate giving the president the win. But Romney was close behind in that poll, with 39 per cent of respondents giving the victory to the Republican. Of those polled, 73 per cent also said that Obama did better than expected during the debate.

Fox News, however, pointed to a Gallup poll that was released in the hours before the debate, which gave Romney the lead with voters, with 50 per cent of respondents choosing the Republican and 46 per cent choosing Obama.

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Polls give Obama win over Romney after debate No. 2

  1. that should read obama crowley

    • Sodom Hussein Obama

      Obama bin Biden

      Hosni MuBarak Obama

  2. Obama may have won the general “who won the debate” question (I myself thought it was close, and wouldn’t have a quibble with either Romney or Obama being declared victor by a narrow margin), but once you unpack the numbers inside, it’s a world of hurt for Obama.

    On the economy, CBS scored it 65-34…for Romney.

    Under the hood with CNN’s 46-39 Obama victory, Romney beat Obama on every measure that counts.

    Economy: 58-40
    Defecit: 59-36
    Taxes: 51-44 (from the multi-millionaire who pays 14%, no less…)
    Health care(!): 49-46
    Leadership: 49-46

    All of the above, in favour of Romney. Obama won foreign policy 49-47, with Candy Crowley’s misguided assistance, and with Romney screwing up his line of attack on Libya.

    Clear vision for solving the country’s problems:

    Obama: 38% yes, 61% no
    Romney: 49% yes, 50% no

    Hell, even the MSNBC(!) focus group broke for Romney. So did the Luntz group on Fox.

    Some victory. Obama needed to do better than just score a minor victory on presentation. He failed, and Romney still looks presidential. Obama escaped with a narrow miss on Libya this time, with the help of the worst moderator gaffe in debate history, but in an entire debate focused on foreign policy, there’s no way he survives that, especially with all the attention Crowley’s idiotic attempt at a live fact check will bring to what Obama knew and said, and when he knew and said it. He’s toast.

    • You can’t hinge Romney’s street-fight fail on Candy’s venial error. I won’t dignify Bain wunderkind’s style as ‘debating’, and I’m sorry the GOP couldn’t find someone who had grown a corner grocery-store for 10 years, over this equity ‘capitalism’ hoaxer who left Massachusetts in a shambles, who shut down coal (America’s richest endogenous source of energy) and now claims to be mister big-coal lover.

      Obama is not toast. ‘Scholastic’, a children’s publication that has (rather mysteriously) correctly predicted every POTUS since 1964, has given Obama a landslide victory.

      • Scholastic? Landslide? Really?

        Well the University of Colorado has a model that has gotten it right every time as well, since 1980. They see it quite differently.

        • The University is about to get their first election call wrong. Romney can’t win without Ohio and Ohio has benefited immensely from the auto bailout. Sorry john.

  3. Agree with David Smith, Obama-Crowley were against Romney. Embarrassing especially since that disgusting woman admitted Romney was correct after the debate.

    • Oh it’s all Candy’s fault. Bad, bad Candy.

    • It’s a poor musician that blames their instrument. And Crowley, after correcting Mitt’s lie, in the very next breath, said that the administration continued to push the protest story for another week. Take off your ideological blinders and try and watch what’s actually happening on the screen.

  4. Obama did nothing to stand on his record. Only attacked Romney whenever he spoke. The damage is done, if you can’t be proud of what you have done and only say “but I’m better then him” you really haven’t said anything to win an undecided vote.

  5. you conservative nutjobs need to move to the us

  6. If truth, facts and honesty relegates me to being a “conservative nutjob”, then I wear that badge proudly. Better than being just a all around nutjob.

    • So, Iran can make 5 fission-bombs with 20% enrichment without having to deliver each one to Israel in a box-car?

      Proudly wear the fact that Ryan didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

      • If the Iranians nuke Israel, the Palestinians die from the fallout…

        How is that a problem?

    • Lol. Paul Ryan is called *Lyin’ Ryan* by the international public. The name didn’t fall from the sky. Mitt Romney has been shown to be the *most hated* (more than Bush) candidate in history, with disapproval rates at shocking levels, and even from an enormous amount of his fellow Republicans, too. And the fact is that this is in large part because of the ways that he has used lies and flip-flopping to get as far as he has. “John Smith” – I think we all know that the Republican party is many things – and, could be many things, but under the leadership of Romney/Ryan “truth, facts and honesty” will not be a priority. You can go now. XOXO

  7. how is it that calling out these conservative nutjobs is wrong, but that idiot can call the moderator a disgusting woman?

    • She conceded her mistake, and they can give Romney time in the next debate to develop his point. She wasn’t a great moderator, but she was the superior of the three so far.

  8. God help Israel if their only major ally is run by Ryan and Romney.

  9. It was a decisive win for Obama. Romney completely unraveled as speaking with “the people” has never been and will never be “his thing”. He was simply not prepared to be fact checked, which is exactly what happened last night. Whoever is attempting to argue that Romney’s health care “plan” is “better for people with pre-existing conditions” is fatally mis-informed. There have been major, international, independent studies that not only prove this to be untrue, but show that the overall proposal would leave 72 million American people without any insurance coverage whatsoever by the year 2020. When you pile this on top of his Racist/Homophobic/Anti-Woman policies it is truly astonishing to imagine that anyone in their right mind would actually think it justifiable voting for him. He and Paul Ryan have voted actually voted, on-record, **against** American women being able to be paid the same rate as American men for the doing the same work. It is 2012. In ten years he will be looked back on as a major embarrassment for human/civil rights; not to mention, decency.

  10. The EUSSR needed Libya’s oil and since they have been on US military welfare since WW2, they had their dupe Sodom Hussein Obama arrange the assassination of their newly uncooperative stooge Muammar Queerdaffy, who they previously had on the UN Human Rights Commission.

    In Syria, nobody wants to get involved because it would force them to admit that George Bush was right and the WMDs Saddam Hussein did have and did use on Kurds and Iranians went over to his friend (and formerly theirs) Bashar al-Assad in the Ba’ath Socialist party.

    The EUSSR socialists can never face the facts of what socialism really is.

    “The U.S. has lost track of some of Syria’s chemical weapons, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Friday, and does not know if any potentially lethal chemicals have fallen into the hands of Syrian rebels or Iranian forces inside the country.”

    – Foreign Policy (9-29)

    Leon Puñettas was too busy having gay pride celebrations at the Pentagon… now there is a dead US ambassador and all the left can do is play with their wee wees and cry about some stupid movie ?