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Pollster survey ‘strongly’ suggests non-Tory supporters were targeted in voter suppression scandal


The Ekos polling firm has found strong evidence that non-Tory supporters were targeted in the voter suppression effort during last year’s federal election campaign.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that voter suppression activities were surveyed in seven ridings where election results are currently being contested in Federal Court. They included calls that directed voters to polling stations that didn’t exist, as well as phone calls from people falsely claiming to represent Elections Canada, Ekos Research Associates told the newspaper.

“These results strongly suggest that significant voter-suppression activities took place that were targeted at non-Conservative voters,” Ekos Research said in an affidavit filed as part of the Council of Canadians’ legal challenge of the results in the seven ridings, CTV reports. The findings are “highly statistically significant and we can say with confidence that this is not an artifact of chance,” Ekos president Frank Graves wrote.

The survey found that people in the seven contested ridings were 50 per cent more likely to receive the misleading phone calls than people in 106 other ridings that were consulted. It also found that NDP, Liberal and Green Party supporters were about three times more likely to receive the erroneous calls about polling station locations than Conservative voters during the last two or three days of the election, the Globe and Mail reports.

What’s more, the survey found a connection between people who told canvassers that they wouldn’t vote Conservative and those who later said they received the misleading phone calls.


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Pollster survey ‘strongly’ suggests non-Tory supporters were targeted in voter suppression scandal

  1. The most interesting part of this is how it demolishes the “sore losers faking it!” point that some folk are trying to trot around. After all, if it was just sore losers faking it, they should have seen similar results from every riding they surveyed, but they didn’t. 

  2. Why is this a surprise, this crap has been documented as going on down south for years now; no doubt coinciding with the rise of the neo-cons. Somebody wrote a book about which i neglected to read silly me – by Frank ???…anyone?

    The real question is when is liberal Canada and the left in general going to wake up to the reality that the gloves are not only off with these guys, the brass knuckles are firmly on…this is war and we need to treat these guys by the rules of war…pound them right back until they realise the error of their ways.

  3. A. Is it that hard to believe that in the ridings alleged to be significant targets of misleading phone calls, respondents would be more likely to identify as having been targets?
    B. The Ekos analysis ( http://www.ekos.com/admin/articles/FG-2012-04-24.pdf ) is incomplete. It shows that Liberals were more likely to get calls about polling changes, and more likely to indicate that they received incorrect information. But it doesn’t show whether or not the Liberals were more likely to receive false information given that they also got more calls about riding location.
    C. Similarly we don’t get to see some of the other cross-tabs. Like who did the caller identify themselves as calling from cross-referenced with whether a misleading call was received (part of the reason is surely that the sample on this vital information would be perilously small, but that isn’t such a problem if one’s motives are less than pure).
    D. An Ekos poll, commissioned by Council of Canadians… I wonder if people would say if this was an Abacus poll, commissioned by Lifesite or the Fraser Institute…
    E. Voters in the comparison ridings were MORE likely to say that misleading calls resulted in their not voting (although they received fewer calls).
    F. Party sample sizes for the comparison group are very small for most of the important analyses – 213 for the Liberals and 274 for the NDP.
    G. Moreover, there is another type of polling error, related to the design of surveys, which compounds random error. Ekos’ performance wasn’t exactly stellar either – they predicted a 3 point Conservative victory.

    If there are so many people who have been targeted in this manner, why don’t they come forward with their phone records, allowing for the determination of a clear paper trail.

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