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Polygamy is still illegal, right?

B.C.’s attorney-general asks the Supreme Court to settle the question once and for all


B.C Attorney-General Mike de Jong wants to quash any “lingering doubts” about whether polygamy is indeed illegal in Canada. On Thursday, de Jong called on the Supreme Court to help him do so. By asking the highest court to rule on the legality of a ban on polygamy, de Jong says he he hopes to “put a human face” on the debate. Tensions ran high last month, as the province was making its case against Winston Blackmore and James Oler for having multiple wives. The Supreme Court put an end to the case, ruling that the province’s prosecution was unfair. But de Jong remains adamant that “polygamy is against the law” and that its prohibition is in line with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Polygamy is still illegal, right?

  1. I have concerns about coercion the women and the allegations of sex with minors. But otherwise, if two or more women wish to co-habitate with one man or vice-versa, I take no exception. It's not for me, but these are consenting adults.

  2. Indeed – polygamy (or any other -gamy that adults choose) has no business being in Canadian criminal law, but coercion certainly does. The mistake of the BC AG has been to go after Blackmore as a polygamy practicer, as opposed to a cult leader and sexual abuser of teens.

  3. what should be illegal is forcing people to live in closed in societies ..polygamy itself is not that bad though it seems alien in our culture…however, just check out the bible ..its full of polygamy

  4. Polygamy cannot be illegal in Canada because in Ontario Muslims have numerous wives recieving government cheques from Ontario disability and welfare. the only criterea is that the weddings are performed abroad and of course the collecting of social benefits is done here…allowances for collecting payments of coarse is made for holidays abroad!

  5. I'd be interested to see the twisted interpretation of the Charter of Rights that suggests polygamy is illegal or wrong. I agree with the comments above. It's no ones darn business what consenting adults choose to do between themselves.

  6. If you want an example on how to screw up the Provincial Court system, look no further than BC. Just recently, the judge that allowed camping in Victorias Beacon Hill Park just got appointed to the BC Supreme Court. Genius, pure genius.

  7. I do agree that polygamy shoudn't be banned… the government should stop wasting thier time trying to bann it, and focus their time on spousal abuse, and sexual abuse in polygamy. Religion shoundn't be a reason to hide abuse.

  8. polygamy is legal in saskatchewan.