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Poor women more likely to be obese, but not men

Finding contradicts common perceptions


According to U.S. government researchers, income doesn’t greatly affect whether a man becomes obese, although poor women are more likely to become obese. Meanwhile, education levels seems to affect both genders. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, which has been linked in past studies to income and education. But in a national study of 5,000 people, done every year, they found that 41 per cent of obese adults live in well-off homes, bringing in at least $77,000 a year for a family of four. Meanwhile, 29 per cent of women in well-to-do homes were obese, but 42 per cent of women living below the poverty level were. Over 27 per cent of men with a college degree were obese, but 23 per cent of women with a college degree were.


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Poor women more likely to be obese, but not men

  1. Poor women more likely to be obese, but not men

    Makes perfect sense. Poor women are extremely unlikely to be men.


  2. Let me throw out the chicken and the egg here. Is it possible there is a more sexist social response to obese YOUNG women, hindering their future success at relationships, education, a career? And that maybe society is less dismissive / cruel towards the hefty men? To what extent do battles with mental illness lead to obesity in young adult women, compared to men?

    Maybe the conclusion could be that obese women are more likely to end up poor than are obese men? Anyone familiar with this area?

    • Starchy foods high in carbohydrates and fatty preparation contribute to obesity. Large portions play a big role as well as high calorie drinks which the poor have access to. Fast foods are high in fat and salt are also a problem and lack of physical activity. These are only a few observations.

  3. Poor women do not have money for a gym membership. They either have to be resolute about taking the stairs in their government-subsidized buildings and doing situps, or they get fat. Period.

  4. Fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go 'round.

  5. Three common sense ideas to help cure society's obesity plague.

    First, encourage people to smoke. Smoking kills sense of taste and reduces appetite. Look at the people loitering outside the office sneaking a smoke…thin, sociable creatures! Let them smoke inside public buildings, restaurants, and cinemas setting a good example for all. And let kids smoke. Obesity happens early.

    Second, encourage more consumption of distilled spirits. Not beer or wine. The hard stuff. Look at the men who line up at the liquor store at 8 am for its 10 am opening. Thin as rails, just like we all want to be.

    Third, encourage under-dressing in cold weather. Burns calories while putting on the kind of fleshly display that stimulates constructive competition.

    Sure, I know we've been told that smoking, drinking, and under-dressing are unhealthy. But USG told us its balanced diet was healthy, too, and look at what happened.

  6. i dunno what perceptions are out there, but i have long noticed that a common composition of, shall we say, "lower income" couples, is of a heavy woman and a rail-thin man.