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Pope Benedict lashes out at ‘atheist extremism’

Offers apologetic words to victims of sexual abuse


Benedict XVI used his first papal state visit to Britain to attack “atheist extremism” and “aggressive secularism.” In a speech before the Queen and other dignitaries at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, he noted that great damages in the last century have been caused by “the exclusion of God, religion and virtue from public life.” He concluded with the argument that the Nazi desire to eradicate God had led to the Holocaust. He also asked that 21st-century Britain respect its Christian foundations. The other focus of his visit was to offer conciliatory words to the victims of Catholic sexual abuse. Using his strongest language to date on his church’s record on clerical sex abuse, he deplored the church’s failure to act swiftly and decisively in the past.

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Pope Benedict lashes out at ‘atheist extremism’

  1. The pope has given great publicity to the atheist cause and reinforced their stance. Well done pope, this is a turning pope.

    • You mean turning 'point'. But I agree!
      As an atheist, I was smiling as I was reading this article.

      Get mad at us evil atheists any time pope!! :)

  2. you people want to pray to a family of criminals. That's up to you. Why else is this world the way it is. You pray to a criminal, you get what you pray for. Poop,

    • Anyone who prays to the person in the pulpit is not Christian. One prays to God. The guy (or gal) in the robes (or the suit or whatever, depending on denomination) is there to help focus and guide your praying. God is the perfect one; the priest/pastor/whatever-the-term-is is a human being and as subject to flaws as the rest of us. You seem to be mixing up the modern cult of celebrity with the role of religious leader. And with who / what God is.

      The issue with the Catholic church is not that priests sinned, but the failure of the Church to address the problem (remove & report the priests; help the victims) – and in fact to actively participate in the cover-up – once raised.

      One should not confuse the man-made institutions with God. No one denomination – nor, I suspect, any one religion – has a complete understanding of God; they are but conduits we use to focus our worship.

  3. The secular ideology of socialism killed millions in the last century, civilization needs leaders like the Pope, especially since Islam is intent on the destruction of civilization.

    • Funny how the Vatican had no problem supporting the various Fascists who killed a comparable number of people.

    • OMG, you've actually got, like two PhDs in Theology and Sociology and you're just doing research here, right?

    • And as far as "civilization" goes, Islamic nations kept the Greek traditions of science, philosophy and literature alive pretty much on their own during the thousand or so years when the various Christian churches were preoccupied with fighting one another, burning witches and keeping the populace ignorant and illiterate to make them easier to exploit.

  4. The Pope has a poor grasp of history or he is lying. Hitler was born a Catholic and died a Catholic. In fact the Nazi regime had a close relationship with Christian Churches. Atheists were denounced and hunted down like Jews and other `undesirables`. Storm troopers had, “God is with Us“ GOTT MIT UNS inscribed on their belts.
    The Germans certainly weren't the first army ever to go to war claiming they had the support of the almighty and they haven't been the last. They were especially good at waging war and came close to achieving Hitler's bid to rule the world. Pre-war Germany was a devoutly religious country. Arrogance born of xenophobia and anti-Semitism were rampant.

    Hitler was a Christian, a committed Catholic who had been an altar boy in his youth and had seriously considered entering the priesthood. Instead he became a religious and political zealot, a man who tried to exterminate a race of people, and who today is remembered as a meglomaniac, possibly the most evil person of the 20th century.

    “I am fighting for the work of the Lord,“' Hitler declared, and a whole lot of German Christians, Protestants and Catholics, believed him.

    • Yep. And a lot of people believed George W. too. He liked to invoke God and the Christian faith at every opportunity. Yet he lied to his own people and the world in order to attack Iraq. I'm not in any way condoning the actions of the Muslim extremists on 9/11, but Bush twisted it to wage war on a country that was not involved in the attack – thereby furthering the cause of Muslim extremists around the world. And invoking God every chance he got.

      The thing is, lots of people invoke the names of God and Jesus to justify their actions – but most sensible people (Christian or not), examining their actions in hindsight, would agree that their actions fly in the face of Jesus' teachings.

  5. The Pope is lying, as usual. The Vatican signed a Concordat with the Third Reich in 1933. There are two possible interpretations of this agreement: 1) The Vatican implicitly agreed with the Fascists, and preferred to see that form of brutal dictatorship and outward racism over a democratic institution or 2) they were simply trying to protect the existence of the Catholic Church in Germany through expediency. Neither interpretation is charitable to the Holy See. And neither is mentioned by the current Pope.

    I don't doubt that the actual activities of Catholic Clergy in fascist Germany included a range from outright support to full resistance. Depending on the character of the individual clergymen themselves, I'm sure some where sympathetic to the plight of the Jews, Roma, and other oppressed groups, some were probably indifferent or unaware, and some were outright Nazis. For the Pope to claim that the Vatican stood against Nazism, however, is a clear lie. They officially recognized the Third Reich as Germany's legitimate government, and sought concessions and agreement with the Nazis.

    • They WERE Germany's legitimate government. They were at least as legitimate as G.W. Bush's presidency (he lost the first election on votes, but their convoluted system meant he won the Electoral College and the presidency. In both elections there seemed to be significant evidence of vote tampering that was swept under the rugs.).

      "Legitimate" and "good" are not synonyms. Not that I'm supporting the RC church's stance in WWII…

  6. Well Hitch and Dawkins must be chuffed with this shout-out.

  7. Nazi pope calls atheists Nazis.
    No irony there.

  8. Ah, the Pope must have forgotten its chummy relationship with the Nazis during World War II. The church was so concerned of saving their churches and properties from bombing that they willingly kept mum about the atrocities and looked the other way. His comment just showed me how untrustworthy is this Pope.

  9. too bad he didn't lash out against Christian/Judaism/Muslim extremism. These have kept the globe in perpetual conflict for millenia.

    'Religion of Peace'.


    • he could, but see, athiests don't go around killing everyone in sight. neither do they foul-mouth everyone for no reason. Christians are generally ok. Jews are ok too. So are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and many other belief systems. All can work together. However (and you that was coming), there is that one band of brothers that is not into community living unless they are the whole community; they are the ones the Pope is scared to displease. so lashing out at them. NO SIR, NO WAY!! so us athiests are the scape goat for all the ills in the world.

  10. Nooo… Not the Tooth Fairy! Say it ain't so!

  11. It just struck me…I had no idea pedophilia was a virtue!! The Pope is really setting some high moral standards, eh!

  12. I have been studying the issue of the R C church's role in the Holocaust for years and offer the following responses to Pope Benny's attacks on atheists and/or secularism.
    1. It's no accident that the Jewish holocaust was conceived and carried out with grisly "success" in a nation where 98% of the population claimed to be "Christian".
    2. The fact that this proportion did not change over the Hitler years is proof all by itself that there had been little if any pressure on Germans by the Nazis to leave their churches and/or to become atheists.
    3. See my http://JesusWouldBeFurious.Org/Hitlersfaith.html where I show that regardless of his loss of personal belief, what was most important throughout the years of the Thrid Reich was what he wanted the "Christian" population of his country to believe, i.e. that he was ONE OF THEM. And his church accomodated that important political fact of life by never denying him that crucial political asset (thru excommunication, putting Mein Kampf on the Index of Forbidden Books, etc.)
    4. As I show at http://JesusWouldBeFurious.Org/Nazileadership.htm… it wasn't just Hitler who came from a devout Catholic family, but a great number of the OTHER leading Nazis.
    5. Although I am a Christian clergyman, it's more important to me to be honest than to be a "churchman" and it makes my blood boil to see Christian churchmen trying to blame atheists and/or secularists for a Holocaust which was inspired by and conducted by almost exclusively CHRISTIANS!

    • jesus loves you so don’t twist facts and hide behind a fake persona.
      Hitler was catholic is like saying Mao tse Dung and polpot were Buddhist.
      Can we stop this fighting and have some peace?

  13. how does this goof ball sleep? atheist? he is the anti christ to begin with secondly pedophiles hide behind his long flowing robes…gawd this man has less sophistication then an ordinary jailbird! speaking as if he is mr know it all..

  14. the word pope is one p away from poop

  15. Looks like the Pope has hung on to some of his Nazi past as he propagates "the big lie."

    • you got it…he is still a nazi only now he wears a robe kinda like dame edna