Pope mum on abuse at Easter Mass

But Cardinal brings up the “petty gossip”


Pope Benedict XVI delivered Easter Sunday Mass, saying it was a time of pardon, goodness and truth. He made mention of the Christians in Pakistan and others facing religious persecution. He also denounced violence from drug trafficking, and offered kind words to the victims of natural disasters in Haiti and Chile. Otherwise, he did not mention anything about the scandals surrounding himself and the Catholic Church over sex abuse allegations and cover-up. But in a tribute to the Pope at the Mass, Cardinal Angelo Sodano defended the leader as unfailing and courageous, and denounced all the “petty gossip.”


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Pope mum on abuse at Easter Mass

  1. Of course sexual abuse is peculiar to the Catholic Church and rarely found outside it?

    • No, but when you're the moral authority it's your duty to lead by example – no excuses.

    • Others, like teachers, cub scout leaders, etc. – when caught get punished – HUGE difference.

    • These priests are criminals and should be treated that way just as father Foley

  2. Greg Byrne, how can you justify the CHURCH? The world is full of crime, drugs, violence, you name it. Does it mean it would be acceptable to see all this in the Church as well?

    • I can only think that Greg Bryne is being sarcasic. !!!

  3. Greg Byrne, the difficulty comes in when you have an organization of any kind that is supposed to be free of evils like sexual abuse. The rest of the word isn't claiming anything special. A bit like hearing your vegetarian club is still secretly eating meat on Tuesdays or something. You'd want the leader to say something.

    • I agree, what kind of leader ignores the issue entirely and refuses to speak? He is acting like the canadian government on the afghan detainee issue, ignore it and hopefully it will go away. Is anyone accountable?

    • If you think this organization claims to be free of evils, you don't know much about the Church. There have been Judas priests since the very beginning.

      As a Cardinal once eloquently put it to Napoleon: "We [the clergy] have been trying to destroy the Church for two thousand years. You will not be able to do it in your lifetime."

  4. If the Pope did anything seriously wrong he owes an apology and should resign the papacy. If he broke the law, right or wrong, he should face the same legal consequences any other man would. We are all equal under the law (or at least we should be).

    However, given a choice between trusting the media or Pope Benedict, it's not much of a contest. I'll be very surprised if he turns out to be culpable in any of this.

    • However, given a choice between trusting the media or Pope Benedict, it's not much of a contest

      It really isn't. At this point the Catholic Church is guilty until proven innocent.

      • Classy. Someone on another thread was just speaking about how childish this lynch-mob mentality is. It's always amusing to see how selectively people will apply that assessment.

  5. There are a number of priests in Her Majesty's Penitentiary in St. John's Newfoundland, including Father Foley for his part in the Mount Cashel abuse case. That's where they belong.

  6. There may be a few ordained priests incarcerated, but there have been many more that have been protected within the walls of the Vatican. When thier inapropriate behaviour was discovered they should have prayed in the Don Jail, as some of thier victims ended up doing. But with the grace of the higher ups they got a trip to Rome.
    I am thankful I am still alive,and learning to again pray and forgive. Unlike some of my brothers. Those Brothers and priests are in my prayers today.

  7. petty gossip tell that to the victim who has ended up in jail for self medicating to forget a petty encounter in a catholic confessional. Maybe one day I can get a pardon too

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