Popular opinion: don’t vote down budget

Canadians aren’t eager for an election


It’s no surprise, but worth considering anyway, that a poll from Ipsos Reid finds that just 27 per cent of Canadians believe the opposition parties should vote down next week’s federal budget. Fully 40 per cent say, without knowing what will be in the budget, that it deserves to be passed. A prudent 17 per cent believe the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois should wait to read what’s in the budget before deciding. (That leaves 16 per cent with no opinion at all.) Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is slated to table his 2011 fiscal plan next Tuesday, amid fevered speculation the three opposition parties will all vote against it, felling the minority Harper government, and forcing a spring election. But just one opposition party needs to switch to the government’s side to put off the campaign to another day. While what triggers an election often seems critical at that outset, though, it’s not normally the issue that dominates the campaign debate. If not over the budget, the opposition parties could decide to force Canadians to the polls on a vote over the welter of ethics and accountability controversies now plaguing Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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Popular opinion: don’t vote down budget

  1. We should hold an election now while we still can!

    • Ok chicken little enough with the “the sky is falling” fear mongering. Canadiens should really fear how badly the Liberals want to govern again. They’ll go to what ever lengths to regain POWER, an arena for Quebec for example.

      If the liberals finance Quebec’s arena will the finance a new stadium in Regina,Winnipeg, Halifax… or recite in Edmonton and Vancouver.

      All the Liberals need is more of the tax payers money and they can have a landslide!!!

      • I meant to say ” refit” stadiums in Edmonton…

        Darn spell checker.

    • Right on~!

    • Selena, don't be so silly.

  2. Quite a contrast from this: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/vox-

    I guess this means that either
    a) the people want a Conservative budget, but would not mind having an election
    b) Globe and Mail politics readers are a lot more election-hungry than the typical Canadian, which I think also applies to Maclean's readers.

    • The media consumption habits of the various party supporters is much different. CPC supporters love their AM radio and talk shows, newspapers, etc. LPC supporters will be more likely to get it from a weekly mag, TV, etc. NDP supporters are most likely to get their fix from the internet, blogs, TV, etc.

      Conservatives are far less likely to comment on these boards.

      [source 1=”<a” 2=”href="http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/where-political-junkies-get-their-fix/article1914878” language=”:”][/source]” target=”_blank”>http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/wher

      • There's no question that Liberal-sympathetic posters dominate the Globe, CBC and Maclean's comment boards. Not surprisingly, not so over at the National Post . . .

        • Birds of a feather flock together. Except here, for some reason, that's why I like these comment boards.

          The format is also better. You get to reply and flesh out the debate/policy/principle instead of the one off soapbox comments with an "agree/disagree" button.

  3. Does that mean we should never have elections?

    Two days after an election is called, voters will forget about which party/parties encouraged an election. The dynamics of an election campaign will change how voters view the different political parties and their leaders.

    • I think it only becomes a problem when there's no burning issue. Then voters will think "now, why are we having another election so soon?"

      To date, it doesn't seem like there are any burning issues. Perhaps greater security/trade integration with the US could become a defining issue, or transparency/accountability of government (although less likely to really engage voters).

      • Good point. The ''I look better than the other guy'' selling point for an election has never worked.

  4. I don't know where those polls comes from. We are more than ready for an election and to make sure that Harper is boot out of our government. I don't care who comes in as long is not him. He is the worth economist I ever met, he put our country in a huge debt and he just doesn't stop because he has is ideologies and doesn't take advice from no one. He keeps spending and spending: Quebec airport, fake lake, jets etc. He and his cabinets has no respect for the Parliament or democracy. They lie, they mislead the people. Time to wipe them off as the same we did with Malroney.It cannot get any worse then this.

    • I meant to say worse economist

      • *worst

        • Poker Face, he/she would have gotten it right eventually…

          • Dear God, did you read the entire rant? It has to be the most muddled piece of writing I have seem in a long while, and that's saying something, considering what goes on here. Most of it is impossible to decipher, the sentence structure and syntax are so jumbled . I guess we can sum it up by saying "Grok hate Evil Harper…want him banished to pit of fire". Cheers.

      • The pessimist went into the deli expecting the wurst.

    • It cannot get any worse than this?

      Were you asleep during the Chretien years?

  5. Isn't it Ipsos Reid who show Harper way ahead of the rest of the pack? Now they say we don't want an election … I do and so do most people.

    • I don't and neither do most people. (See what I did there? Clever, huh?)

      • Awesome.

      • +1, sir.

  6. It's true, I don't want an election, but I do want regime change. I can live with the election if the outcome is seeing Harper out of office.

    • Guess you'll just be forced to take it to the streets and march on 24 Sussex after Harper wins the next election, whether this year or next. Sure is tough living in this police state run by a dictatorship, isn't it. I feel for you, I really do.

  7. Let's do whatever it takes to get Harper out!

    • A coup, then?

  8. Did anyone say they would vote for a different party over it?

  9. It is a sad political state we canadians find ourselves in….everyone seems more than a bit upset with Harper and the manner in which he handles his crew…noone seems too entused with Iggy….and the NDP are once again not really participating…..YES we do need a change of government…but what aprty os offering a POSITIVE approach to the next 10 years.

  10. The fact that 40% of those polled agree that the budget should be passed regardless of its content clearly reveals that a huge chunk of the Canadian population are either blind, ignorant, indifferent, brainwashed or duped.

    • I would add to my above comment, after 'duped' : or hardcore harperite partisans that would vote for him regardless.

      • Why no commentary on the 27% who believe it should be defeated, not to mention the opposition parties who have said they will defeat without, as you observed, seeing its content?

        I submit to you that you have revealed a slight bias in your own thinking. Feel free to correct it.

        • Good point. We can now extrapolate that 2/3's of Canadians fall into those prementioned categories, i.e. 67%.

          • Ummmmmmm….???

            You do understand that you criticized the 40% who said they would support the budget even though they have not yet seen it…

            But you did not criticize the 27% who said they would defeat the budget even though they have not seen it…

        • Because to want the budget passed, without knowing what's in it, is non-sensical.. it could be taking all the funding from the RCMP and funnelling to the Economic Advertising! Plan.

          However, even if the budget is a perfect balance of fiscal restraint and social welfare, wanting it defeated can make sense because of the damage in other areas which Mr. Harper is doing to our nation and systems of governance, not to mention that if the budget *is* perfect.. it can be brought forward again by whoever wins the resultant election.

    • Ignorance is a priori when discussing the masses in relation to politics.

    • Classic Liberal elitsim

      • Exactly!!! Their absolute belief that no other party should RULE Canada is akin to “the divine right of kings (liberals)” oh except that they’re more apt to believe in their own arrogance than in God. I used to be a member of the Liberal party.

    • Yes if only those "stupid" people who keep voting for Harper would return to the goodness and light of the naturally governing party, all would be well with the country…we would emerge in better shape than every other industrialized country, the job market would pick up, housing prices would rise to all time highs, deficits would begin to shrink…oh wait a sec…that has already happened…no wonder those "stupid" people keep voting for Harper. Cheers.

      • Yeah, but all that good stuff happened under a budget that came about because of the coalition. Why not give the reigns of power to the party that actually caused the good stuff, and not have to first go through a proroguement and a week or two of campaigning about how a group of elected MPs are traitors.

        • so…in other words you want to bring back the nutty professor and have him, taliban jack and the bloc running the country…none of which garnered morer than 22% in that election…thanks if i take a pass on your style of "democracy". cheers

          • Kindly don't put your words in my mouth, they taste like the orifice you pull them from.

            You were the one saying we should vote for the party that kept our economy together. That party is either A) The Liberals for refusing to allow Harper to deregulate the banks as he was urging Martin to do for so many years before he got into power.

            Or B) NOT the CPC, as they were forced to scrap their budget and go back to the drawing board by the representatives of a majority of the people of Canada.

            Take your pick.

            Personally, I'd pick B.

    • I hear the Liberals want to oppose the budget unseen…………………….they must be either blind, ignorant , indifferent, wanting to brainwash and dupe us…………OOPs……………..repetative, not?

  11. The fact that 40% of those polled agreed that the budget should be passed regardless of its content reveals only that Canadians get that this form of March Madness over the budget and elsewhere is just a bunch of bluffing by the parties over whether there is going to be an election. The message Parliament should be getting is: "please stop playing your political games and start doing your jobs … like running the country … with a minority government and the players as is …"

  12. Are the Lib/NDP crazy enough to actually force an election right now? I don’t think so.

    Lots of posturing and bluster but I suspect that’s all it is.

  13. As the clip points out, according to the polls (which are suspect at best) 40% think the budget should be passed without even knowing whats in it! The mind boggles! I fall with the 17%. Although it seems Mr. Harper is personally unpopular with the majority ( oh the arrogance), his main opposition is not exactly dazzling them, and I don't think it has anything to do with attack ads. In fact, I wonder why the conservatives bother spending the money, when Mr. Ignatieff seems quite adept at shooting himself in the foot. Being a proud Canadian I would love to see a new hockey arena in every province ( lets not forget the territories!!) funded by the taxpayer. Then we could move the whole NHL up here!! Better that than a bunch of jets that most of us will never get to ride in!

  14. Go easy on this poor liberal supporter, just got tangled up in some semantic weeds, that's all . . . .

  15. Filturk is an accute observer:

    "The fact that 40% of those polled agree that the budget should be passed regardless of its content clearly reveals that a huge chunk of the Canadian population are either blind, ignorant, indifferent, brainwashed or duped."


    The Liberals, on the other hand, want to oppose the budget regadless of contents…………………………….(keep up the logic, boys)

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