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Portland woman alleges Al Gore groped her in hotel room

Former U.S. vice-president turned into “sex-crazed poodle,” woman says


A Portland massage therapist claims former U.S. vice president Al Gore groped her, kissed her and made unwanted sexual advances during a massage session in October 2006 in a Portland hotel suite. The woman said she informed two friends about the incident and kept the clothes she wore that night, including a pair of black pants with a stain on them, but police did not investigate further due to lack of sufficient evidence to support the allegations. In a detailed statement given to Portland sexual assault investigators in January 2009, the woman said she was called to a hotel room on the night of October 24, 2006 to give Gore a massage after he attended a speaking engagement. While giving Gore an abdominal massage, she said he demanded that she go lower and soon grabbed her right hand and shoved it under the sheet. The woman said she tried to use an acupressure technique to relax Gore and thought she put him to sleep, but said Gore fondled her back, buttocks and breasts as she was trying to break down her massage table. She said she did not initially tell police about the incident for fear of not being believed. The woman’s attorney filed a complaint with police about two months after the encounter, but the woman didn’t show up for three scheduled interviews with investigators. At that time, police were told the woman did not want to press criminal charges and would pursue a civil case instead. No civil suit has been filed.

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Portland woman alleges Al Gore groped her in hotel room

  1. You would think a guy who invented the internet would be smart enough not to be in this situation. *sigh* Looks like another inconvenient truth for AlGore the carbon w hore. There may not be global warming but Al's apparently all hot & bothered.

  2. AHA !!!! So Al is the REAL Reason for global warming..Yes ??

    All that FRICTION causing too much heat….

  3. i think he wanted to show her the warming he has in his trousers

  4. Why are mere allegations like this even newsworthy? If she presses charges or launches a civil suit: fine, that's news.
    As it is, this is just gossip.

  5. Pretend 'journalists' apparently sat on this story for two years, why? Because he's a fat cat Democrat? Would 'journalists' sit on a story like this if he were a Republican? Hypocrites.

  6. I am not an Al Gore fan, and I don't believe in any of the crap that he spews. Having said that, I think anyone should be able to see that this woman is just trying to get some money and publicity. He's a smart guy. (It may be news to the haters, but the top leaders of both parties are really smart, it's just easy to bash them when you disagree with their ideas.) He is smart enough to know what would happen if he forces himself on anyone. Something may have happened in the hotel room to produce a stain, but if it did, it was consensual.

  7. The smell of money and 'celebrity' sure does create some fanciful memories for some pretty cheesy types. Some of these people would sell their souls for their 5 minutes of fame and their 5 minutes at the trough. Stupid woman.