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Positive signs in Canadian employment

New jobs created, unemployment rate unchanged


Canada’s unemployment rate in December held steady at 7.6 per cent after declining slightly in November, according to Statistics Canada. The economy created 22,000 jobs in last month, with job gains in Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario. Paul Ferley, assistant chief economist at RBC, said that the numbers “confirm that the Canadian economy continues to generate jobs.” Manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and natural resource jobs showed the biggest increases. Other provinces showed no change in the number of jobs created, while British Columbia showed a decline. Jobs were also lost in the construction, health care and social assistance, wholesale and retail sectors. While the numbers are slightly encouraging, economists believe the Bank of Canada will maintain interest rates at one per cent.

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Positive signs in Canadian employment

  1. Canada has been like a child blithely playing in a mine field. Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals can blame Stephen Harper and the Conservatives all they want, but our anemic economic performance is and will forever be llinked to the US economy. The leaders of the G8 and the G20 go to these summits to receive their marching orders. That's something that the Bloc Quebecois trying to separate Quebec from Canada will not change. Our customs agents cannot keep the world economy outside our borders.

  2. The whole world is linked to the US consumer economy which has come under attack by various groups who do not share the George Bush concept of go shopping and stimulate the economy.
    More jobs does mean more shopping.