Post-debate polls give Obama narrow win over Romney -

Post-debate polls give Obama narrow win over Romney

Female voters favour president’s foreign policy approach


The barbs over foreign policy have been traded, the horses and bayonets memes have galloped across the internet, and the polls say President Barack Obama won the third and final debate against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

According to a poll conducted by CBS News immediately after the debate, 53 per cent of undecided voters said Obama had the win and 23 per cent said the win went to Romney. A high number of the 521 voters polled, however, said the debate was split, with 24 per cent of respondents calling it a tie.

Over at CNN, post-debate polling showed a tighter margin of victory for the president, with 48 per cent of respondents giving Obama a win and 40 per cent saying Romney came out on top. CNN’s poll also noted a gender gap, saying women rated Obama’s debate performance more favourably than they rated Romney’s.

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Post-debate polls give Obama narrow win over Romney

  1. Most reasonable republican pundits agree Obama won the debate.

    Therefore, Obama has won the debates, 2-1. Only tea-partiers could dispute that.

    “In a technical scoring of debating points, President Obama bested Mitt Romney in their third showdown. Obama was crisp, aggressive and articulate in making his case. He was always leaning forward in his chair, ready to pounce.”

    • “reasonable republicans”

      For partisans like you, just being a Republican is unreasonable.

      As Romney’s polling continues to improve, most reasonable people would not claim that Obama won the debates. Now there are two daily tracking polls showing Romney ahead by at least 4 points. Most reasonable people would refrain from claiming that Obama won the debates when considering that fact.

  2. Heh. This the opening of an Obama fundraising email that just got issued a few minutes ago. Emphasis mine.

    I don’t want to lose this election. Not because of what losing would
    mean for me — Michelle and I will be fine no matter what happens. But
    because of what it would mean for our country and middle-class

    Is that the fundraising letter that gets sent after a massive debate victory?

    I don’t think so.

    • Heh. Is this the same thing as John G suggesting that someone other than Barack Obama won the debate? Having watched the debate, I can’t imagine how.

      • You have a poor imagination.

        • You should see what I’m imagining you doing right now.

        • Or – yes, one would need quite an imagination indeed in order to comfortably occupy a mental landscape where Mitt Romney delivered the superior performance last night.

      • You’re as dumb as the journalists. You have no idea what “winning the debate” even means. Here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with the instapolls., or with knockout punches.

        • Ah, so there was a secret message hidden inside that 2 minute long Romneyan spew on Pakistan, for example, that only conspiracy theorists could understand? Or should I win this little exchange by following you around for awhile saying, “John G is right, John G is exactly right”? Thanks for the hint, genius. Now I know exactly how the world works.

    • So now they’re resorting to fear tactics. Can’t wait for the soldiers in the streets ad, or the child with the exploding head ad.

      • See the news tonight s_c_f?

        I told you man…this race is so over it’s not even funny. The news coming out tonight, 1 day after the foreign policy debate (coincidence? hah) that the White House had the emails 2 hours into the attack is the media finally realizing it’s over and giving up the ghost. Romney looks like a genius for avoiding the Libya question now at the debate. We may even be past the point that electoral fraud can save him.

        If they release the internal communications outlining the strategy to blame it all on the movie…game over. Watergate is nothing compared to this. Obama may have to pull himself off the ballot before the election.

        • Yeah, I’ve turned into a true political junkie now.

          But no, I’ve not seen that bit of news. Of course it’s Sharyl Attkisson! There’s literally only a few serious journalists and their names keep popping up!

          I won’t go as far as you saying Obama will pull himself off the ballot. Even if it’s proven that Benghazi was all a lie, which it was. I’ve noticed a lot of lies coming out of the administration over the last couple of years.

          Regardless of Benghazi, I’ve noticed though that the polls have swung some more in Romney’s favour. Now Rasmussen has gone +4 Romney, Gallup is +5, and the few polls showing Obama in front are at most +1, +2 +3. So Romney has a 2 point lead, more or less. That’s enough. I think Ohio and Wisconsin will flip to Romney now. I hate to say it’s over, it’s never over til it’s over, especially when it comes to Democrats. But I think Romney’s in front.

          If this turns into the easy win you’ve predicted I’ll give you your credit :-)

          • I don’t think you get the full significance of this, and how big this is.

            The attack lasted 7+ hours. Obama knew 2 hours in that it was a terror attack. And did nothing. He could literally have had Marines there within minutes. Minutes. Instead, he went to bed. And flew to Vegas the next day for a fundraiser, then spent 2 weeks lying about it, blaming it all on a movie.

            There is no surviving this for him. This is on every network. This is negligence that contributed to the death of an ambassador & 3 others, confirmed by emails. This is probably the biggest scandal in Presidential history.

          • Actually, I agree with how you’ve characterized Obama’s behaviour, and in fact that’s more or less what I thought he did from the beginning. He failed to protect the embassy and he decided to spin what actually happened, and of course the press played along.

            When I say spin I mean lie. But he lies all the time. People have shown most of the contents of his supposedly biographical books are lies.

            Someone would literally need a smoking gun to make a difference (ie a memo from Obama describing how they’d spin it). Maybe I’m more cynical, but frankly that’s what I’d expect Obama to do. In the bailout of GM he robbed shareholders to pay off unions. Holder and Obama gave guns to Mexican drug lords in order to build a case for gun control. He violated the constitution to appoint NLRB board members. He had the guy who made that movie you’re talking about apprehended. He’s bribed an untold number of democratic factions with his stimulus boondoggle. There’s a long list of Obama’s depravity. And 45% of the population really doesn’t care. Socialists have no scruples. I think Obama doesn’t care a whit that the ambassador is dead, and he’s shown it, and I think a lot of other Democrats don’t care either.

            Heck, Clinton had an ongoing affair with an intern in the oval office and he finished his term, and in fact he’s the star of the Democratic party today. Jimmy Carter travels the world to give praise to dictators, tyrants and terrorists.

            I hope you’re right about how it will turn out, but I’m a little skeptical.

          • Well, you’re right that it’s in the news. But as usual, most of the media are ignoring it. Fox and Drudge are covering it. The liberal outlets are saying nothing.

            Sort of like Fast and Furious.