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Polls put Romney in No. 1 spot

Republican candidate was seen as the clear winner, say CNN, CBS polls


As soon as the closing arguments were over in the U.S. presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney the pollsters began polling, and the results suggest that voters gave the Republican candidate a clear win for his performance.

A CNN poll puts Romney as the big winner, with 67 per cent of people who watched the poll saying that the Republican candidate came out on top. Such a poll result is excellent, says CNN polling director Keating Holland, who is quoted as saying: “No presidential candidate has topped 60 per cent in that question since it was first asked in 1984.”

Meanwhile, CBS News conducted its own polling experiment, asking 500 uncommitted voters “Who won the debate” immediately after it was over. Of those voters, 22 per cent said Obama came out on top, 46 per cent chose Romney and 32 per cent of the undecided voters remained on the fence, saying the debate was a tie. CBS also asked the same group how the debate had changed their opinion of Romney. Again, things looked good for the Republican, with 56 per cent of respondents saying they had a better opinion of Romney, 11 per cent saying their opinion was now worse and  32 per cent reporting no change.

In less scientific polling, a Fox News web poll shows 95.19 per cent of respondents giving Romney the win. Another entirely unscientific Politico web poll has 47 per cent of respondents giving Romney the win, 37 per cent putting Obama on top, 12 per cent saying it was a draw and three per cent undecided.

In Canada, a Globe and Mail web poll shows that 35 per cent of respondents give the victory to Romney, 15 per cent say Obama was the winner and eight per cent say it’s too close to call. Of course, 43 per cent of respondents also say they didn’t watch the debate.

In case you were one of the 43 per cent who missed it, or if you dozed off after the first 30 minutes, the Washington Post has distilled the 90-minute debate to two minutes of highlights for easy catch up.

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Polls put Romney in No. 1 spot

  1. Obama was off, for whatever reason, he just didn’t deliver. Romney was very good. Enough for him to win election?! I doubt it, it’s a little too late for him and Obama having a bad night is not the norm. Obama will be re-elected.

    • If Obama wins it’s because Romney has to deal with the dumbest electorate in American history.Obama does not have the knowledge nor the financial background to run an economy and unfortunately most women are blind to this.

      • Excuse me, honestly what an insulting comment on your part.
        If Obama wins is because the Republican party didn’t have any one else that wanted to take on Obama. Romney has never been electable, he is not win.

        • sorry Claudia, he is win…but then again Ontario did put McLiar back in power. Romney is the better business person and thats what the U.S. needs right now. top three things he should be talking about Jobs Jobs Jobs…

          • And he might be but he didn’t know how to sell it. I don’t disagree that Obama has been a terrible President but Republicans had a better way to fix that and failed, in other words Obama was beatable and it is their loss.

        • Douglas didn’t say all women were blind to this, just most women, so he might not have meant you personally. (joking)

      • What an incredibly sexist comment!

        As to the finances, Romney’s numbers don’t add up. Go find Clinton’s speech to the Dem convention; he crunches them quite effectively.

        • If Clinton ( who doesn’t even like Obama) crunched the numbers he would see that Obama’s don’t even claim to add up. Obama is not planning on cutting the deficit. It just goes on and on.. 1 trillion every single year..

          • Axeing Sesame Street is sexist. Obama has the Buffett Tax. Neither wanted to highlight the deficit nor attack/defend Buffett Rule. Romney was the better speaker but vague. China might be a weight against hyperinflation….it turns out, thermoplastics have high value additives called compatibilizers, that make some of them more recyclable; the oil anology is high octane additives (cyclic molecules esp). Obama can get America off gasoline, heating oil, fuel oil, coal…and create recyclable plastics economy. Not even close who the better human being is. Cut Grover?! mothers $$%^-er.

          • Whaddya mean Clinton hates Obama? Like Keith Bram says, watch his speech.

      • How would you go about educating the public? Specifically, is it just a matter of getting them to pay more attention during an election campaign, or is the problem something much more serious, something that needs major reforms to many or most parts of the entire education system?

        If more towards the latter, what types of reforms might be appropriate?

      • Obama is not an obomba, okay?!! Rmoney is worth nuttin’.

      • and unfortunately most women are blind to this.

        How offensive! How sexist!

    • You claim that Obama is a great speaker,even without his teleprompter?Romney is a much better speaker than Obama it’s not funny.As far as your admiration for Clinton is concerned,what he did with Monica was a disgrace to the oval office.It’s not surprising that the this generation of women admire people like Bill Clinton,Tiger Woods,etc,etc,etc.I don’t expect any of these women to vote for Romney because they have no class whatsoever.

      • What a moronic comment.

        • I don’t think it’s a moronic comment. It happens to be true that Clinton debased the Presidency with his going ons, including trying to deny the whole thing.
          Besides that, his wife Hillary stood beside him all the way! Another low for someone claiming to be a feminist.
          Why defend a guy like Clinton with morals like that?

          • I would.

          • So would I.

      • You’re a billionaire who’s been stuck in the world of Mr Rmoney.

    • I think we all know that saying it’s “too late” is just wishful thinking on your part here.

      • Oh no, Romney has never been electable, he had a good night, that’s all.

        • You mean he was appointed Governor of Massachusetts?

          • No, he bribed the former governor to get the position with half a billion bucks no matter what is what Claudia Lemire means.

          • He got lucky, Massachusetts wanted a change.

            By spring 2005, Romney’s approval rating was at 43% and trailed behind every prospective Democratic candidate, it was evident a Democrat would get in and he was going to lose and it’s also worth noting that the vast majority of successful Presidential candidates serve during their campaigns and he wasn’t going to take a chance to hinder his dream, those that lose reelection rarely return to attain the Presidency, although it has happened before. Richard Nixon, was defeated in the CA-GOV race in 1963 before winning the Presidency five years later.

    • Obama had an “off” night because he is shallow and facile. When confronted over his radical views he will always have an “off” night.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • That has to be one of the dumbest comments ever. I cannot conceive of anyone being so stupid as to think Obama is Muslim. He is Christian where as, ironically, Romney is not as Mormonism teaches that there is an infinite number of gods, and that there was no virgin birth of Christ. They claim that a god came to earth in human form and had sex with Mary.
        Oh the uneducated masses. They don’t need voter ID cards, they need voter IQ tests.

        • Sodom Hussein Obama is a lawn jockey for the global corporate welfare plantation.

          • Hi Windston Blake, meet Ron Paul Ryan!

        • Jeb Bush had no business letting that hurricane get past Florida either… 

          You can clearly see how the chemtrails from Katrina generated by that secret weather machine in Cheney’s basement pushed those airplanes into the WTC with the innocent terrorists kidnapped by Richard Nixon’s alien clone from the Roswell crash  while Ronald Reagan planted the thermite explosives in black helicopters during area 51 time travel experiments filming Bed Time for Bonzo with the help of Romney’s father…

          “The Twoof is out there on the X-Files”

          • You have to start sharing whatever it is you’re on………

        • I don’t care if Mitt Romney is photographed holding Joseph Smith’s golden tablets above his head and dancing naked, he is 1000% better than Sodom Hussein Obama…

          • Please fix your typo, you meant to write that Romney is 1000% worse than Obama but said better, not worse.

      • Don’t call him Sodom Hussein! He’s Barrack Hussein!

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Ron Paul Ryan
            Mitten Rmoney
            Notsir Winston Blake

          • Hi Mr Racist and Mormon, the Democratic race is more worthwhile than the Republican race.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Then I would think you’d support the guy who believes in one God who isn’t even called God to the one who believes in a billion cause ya believe in 0…

          • Pauline Marois Ryan

            Mitten Rmoney

      • What an offence to Islam!


  2. Romney knows the issues better than Obama. He is prepared to be president. Obama was expecting a C+ student like John McCain or a C- student like George W Bush. Instead he got the A+ Harvard grad, business genius who can actually string two sentences together.
    This was the first time since 1988 that a Republican actually won a national debate. Tens of millions of Americans have NEVER seen this happen. Clinton won the debates in 1992 and 1996. Gore won the debates in 2000, Kerry won in 2004 and Obama won the debates in 2008.
    Millions of people believe that Republicans are stupid, ignorant, bigoted red necks and Romney just blew a hole through their entire world view.
    This is a GAME CHANGER. Many have NEVER seen this before. The media is stunned, the public is even more stunned.

    • “Millions of people believe that Republicans are stupid, ignorant, bigoted red necks …”. Yep, and many of them are Canadians who have adopted the media groupthink. The only disappointment I had last night was that Romney didn’t call a spade a spade, or rather didn’t say that Obama is a radical socialist and a hater of the free market and anyone that is wealthy.

      • That thrill running up Chris Matthews’ leg is now a trickle running down it…

  3. This is the first time since 1988 that a Republican has won a national debate. Millions have never seen a Democrat schooled by a Republican in such a dramatic way before. This is Huge. My friends who are not paritsan and lean Obama were stunned by this debate. Every single one of them said that Romney was sharp, smart and clearly smoked Obama.

  4. He may have performed better in the debate, but I will not be voting for him (I am an American). He pandered to the people who he has already vowed to disembowel if he becomes president. He’s full of crap. Obama did not believe he had to be on top of his game, so he wasn’t. Romney will not get elected, but I do believe Obama needs to ensure he performs better next time.

    • If you disembowel don’t you get rid of the crap?

      Obama last night was Obama. It was him exposed as a shallow fraud.. He had to face someone who called him on his lies and grade school economics. It’s easy to yell “yes we can” to a bunch of adoring morons who are unable to think for themselves and need strawmen to knock down and three word slogans to yell on the streets.

      • War on Drugs, Yes We Can, Axis of Evil and on and on…they are all dumb.

        Which leads me to my new favourite slogan:

        “Slogans Are Dumb”, or SAD for short.

  5. Obama had an “off” night not because he was off, but rather that he is shallow and has never been faced with someone who has called him on his facile, radical polices (or rather non-policies).

    • What exactly is a radical non-policy?

  6. Maclean’s only cares about Rmoney. Poor Obama’s still there in the running while not getting any support from the media!

  7. The trolls have been having fun with this one so I’ll join in. We always seem to do better in Canada when the Republicans are in power. Maybe we can get the asbestos industry rolling again, the 1% gives a rodent’s rear about the 99%. Too bad most of Canada’s 99% isn’t silly enough to think the 1% are going to let a nickel trickle down. There something for everyone.