Potential strike looming at Canada Post

Postal workers in legal position to strike as of Thursday night


Workers at Canada Post are prepared to go on strike if they do not reach an agreement with their employer by Thursday night. The President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Denis Lemelin, said on Monday that the union’s urban members are prepared to go on strike, since it is their “only real bargaining lever with Canada Post.” He said the strike is related to the “major concessions” demanded by Canada Post, including a 22 per cent wage reduction for new employees and the elimination of a sick leave plan that’s been in place for over 40 years. A spokesperson for Canada Post told Postmedia News that the Crown corporation’s offer is “very fair.” The workers are legally allowed to strike as of Thursday night at 11:59 p.m.

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Potential strike looming at Canada Post

  1. Perhaps this will be the straw that finishes Canada Post and moves us to strictly e-mail and couriers.

  2. Does that mean we’ll have relief from the junk mail? How necessary is the postal service anyway? The workers going on strike are a bit out of touch with reality, aren’t they?

    • Always wonder how people who have never worked there seem to know so much about the situation.How much you make an hour probably about ten dollars is my guess?

      • What different people make in different jobs is a really great point, Paul.  For instance a nurse in some provinces in this country has a starting wage around twenty dollars after having gone to school for two to four years.  A child care worker only makes a little over ten dollars an hour, even though they have gone to college for two years.  These are jobs that are stressful, come with great responsibility and in the case of the nurses require expertise because people’s lives are at risk.  Now that we have some perspective on what other people in the “skilled” labor force are making, lets talk about the postal employees….

        • Oh dear Paul, the National Post just reported that postal workers have enjoyed a starting wage of twenty-four dollars an hour and earn up to seven weeks vacation per year.  The taxpayers are asking that new employees start at $17.50 per hour and that vacation max out at six weeks per year.  There is also the matter of a small disagreement over the size of the raises for the next four years.  Did you know that nurses in Alberta accepted a wage freeze? 

  3. Please, please, please go on strike and give me a break from recycling all those flyers.

  4. Maybe CP should hire private companies to carry their mail, like Ford hired a private company to deal with waste removal. Do these postal workers not realize that the demand for postal services is continually declining?

  5. Get rid of the paid sick days benefit for a start, stupid, wasteful…..

    Of the half-dozen or so mail delivery people I know, they love their jobs and get pi$$ed when forced to strike.   

    • My goodness Leo, what century are you living in?  What do you think would happen to a person who became ill with cancer if there were no paid sick benefit days?  Who would look after their family?  They would end up on welfare and the government (you and me and the other taxpayers of this country) would be looking after them.  How degrading for them….but maybe that it what you had in mind.

      • I should have expanded on that – it is being able to accummulate these sick days over the years you work.  My father retired 2-1/2 years early at full pension from CMHC because he had that many unused paid sick days.  That equated to, at the time, about $170,000 dollars for doing nothing.

        They are trying to replace the paid sick days with private insurance based on short-term plus long-term disability – the inside IT postal workers settled for this a year or so ago.

  6. I hope there’s a strike. I’m tired of delivering my neighbour’s mail to her.

  7. As a customer, what are the legal ramifications of Canada Post decreasing service days?  I thought that as a public service they were mandated to provide service 5 days a week.  Just wondering as now I have a legal right to start a class action for loss of business.

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