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Wait—it gets worse

Businessman Rahim Jaffer dined with tied to Hells Angels; Helena Guergis under RCMP investigation


New allegations have emerged stating that Rahim Jaffer and a business associate claiming to be a banker for the Hells Angels tried to sell political influence, reports the Toronto Star. The new reports coincide with RCMP investigations of his wife, minister of state for the status of women Helena Guergis, who allegedly allowed Jaffer to use her parliamentary office to conduct commercial business, and may have sat in on meetings herself. These reports follow Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement on Friday of Guergis’ resignation, and subsequent ejection from the Conservative caucus until the matter is resolved.

Toronto Star

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Wait—it gets worse

  1. Well now it starts to add up. Cocaine possession, drinking – what's next. I hope the RCMP get to the bottom of this – I have every confidence in them.
    It also stands as to why he got off so lightly. Who was his lawyer – a paid flunky for the HA? Interesting turn of events.

  2. Thankfully, she's gone. I'm starting to have nightmares about their next career moves such as reality television host with Sarah Palin. Yipes.

    • You should be worrying about Barack Obama and Michael Ifnatief. These people want government to run every phase of your life. But you know what? It won't happen, because even though you aren't smart enough to see it, lots of us are, and we will not let it happen.

      • Yes, because the Harper Tories are doing such a bang up job of *shrinking* government. LOL


      • You can see pretty much throughout history that a conservative government will generally try to control people's actions through legislation, police and the courts, while a liberal government will generally try to control people's actions through taxation and subsidies.

        Personally, I prefer the one that doesn't land me in jail.

  3. I think she feeked out at the airport cus she was jones'n for another line, snort snort!!

  4. These two are almost crooked enough to be Liberals.

    • Wasn't the last time the RCMP were called in to investigate a cabinet minister under Mulroney?

      Yes, it was.

  5. give her credit she came from angus and sat with the big kids . was even flown to afghanistan .a rising star in conservative party. lol they in trouble if thats the gene pool

  6. Is everyone on this board illiterate? Learn how to spell..

    • I totally agree — many people have resorted to this "quicky" email type of language/spelling that is very irksome. Also, I think the poor spelling & grammar portrays the type of uninformed, uneducated people who write such comment dribble. Unfortunately, they think like this.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Is it a conservative trait to not spell properly er what?

  7. stephen harper is a poor actor he pretended he didn t know how to say her name to distance himself tell me after 6 years he doesn t know gurgis from guergis forshame

  8. The fact that Helena would use her office for personal gain is not surprising. She has a finely honed sense of entitlement. That became obvious when she referred to the people of Prince Edward Island as "you people".

    Unfortunately, Parliamentarians seem to quickly develop that sense of entitlement once they reach the lofty heights of the House. If they aren't arrogant when they arrive in Ottawa, they take the "How to Develop a Sense of Entitlement" course within the first two years of arrival.

    It would be interesting to know how many other MPs of all stripes use their positions to their own advantage. One need go no further than to read "On the Take" by Stevie Cameron about the Mulroney era and to look at the Adscam issues of the Cretien era.

    • It sure would be nice if we could clean out the Ottawa Boar's Nest!

  9. The real loser in all of this is Michael Ifnatief. This bozo was calling for her resignation for weeks, and when she resigned, he goes in front of the Canadian people to ask why!!!!!!

    • Dmitri? Is that you?

    • (crickets)

  10. The trouble with Freedom of the Press if they happen to be wrong their apology comes in the form of small print on the back page of their paper or magazine.they are such hypocrites they have more bad press and goings on in their own establishments than any other industry.If this woman is proven to have done nothing they will quitely print about three lines to say there was nothing to their story

    • Lemme guess – another of Helena's assistants? She must have a small army of people watching the boards for her!

    • Helena is just misunderstood, Mama Guergis!

  11. End prohibition, it will help to avoid blackmail, take nine billion out of crime and reduce influence.

  12. what could be next for these people who demoralize and desecrate the most sacred holy prestigious house of ill repute…. the house of commoners gone bad ass…heh heh heh…eat it arrogant crooks