PQ leader disses the Queen


PQ leader Pauline Marois has taken advantage of the first week of Quebec’s provincial election to put down the Queen.

“We pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a painting to please the Queen,” Marois said at a campaign stop. “That’s money wasted. Then we take down a Riopelle (painting) to replace it with a portrait of the queen. I would think the government has better things to do.”

She is referring to the work of Canadian Riopelle that has been removed from the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. Our estimable Queen took her place. Elsewhere in Canada’s diplomatic beachheads around the world, the royal visage now graces visitors.

Marois thinks the monarchy is “outdated” and “useless.” Most Canadians, apparently, disagree. A Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey in May suggests 51 per cent of Canadians want to retain the monarchy and its octagenarian representative.

Still, Marois may have found her winning issue. Residents of La Belle Province only support the Queen to the tune of 24 per cent.


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PQ leader disses the Queen

  1. 51 per cent may be a majority, but it is not most.

    • Most: Greatest in amount or degree.

      Since 51 > 49 (best case scenario for anti-monarchists), I’d say 51% is indeed most.

      And, I’m for tossing the monarchy :-)

      • It would be more honest to simply say “about half”

    • well, Harper gets a majority gov. with 39% of votes

      • Chretien did roughly the same 3 times – 41.2%, 38.5%, 40.9%.

  2. I must say that this recent bout of anglophilia and monarchy worship from Maclean’s is perplexing.

    I happen to admire Her Majesty quite a bit but I do believe that Canada must start preparing for the après-Elizabeth.

    I also think it was a completely stupid move for Baird to remove paintings by Canadian artists (like Jean-Paul Riopelle) and replace them with a picture of the Queen.

    I don’t care that Pauline Marios is trying to make an issue of it but it really speaks to the sort mindset that this HarperCon government has with regard to home-grown arts versus fealty to a monarch who lives in another country.

  3. How disgraceful. It is high time Canada gave Quebec the boot. After all it is a “useless” province that contributes nothing to Canadian society.

    • your comment is just so ignorant I can’t let it go…Canada give Quebec the boot? um hello Canada was Ontario and Quebec…without Quebec Canada would have a large hole and to say Quebec contributes nothing to Canada is outrages…am I to belive that P.E.I gives more to Canada than Quebec…not to pick on P.E.I but I can assure you Quebec does more. I find oil companies in Alberta selling oil to the Chinese disgraceful but you don’t see me waving my hands in the air screaming get rid of the west…shheesh, get with it…Canada is only Canada with Quebec, without la belle province we would become (gulp) American

      • Our rich history with both founding languages is something to be proud of. To say we should boot Quebec from Canada is both insensitive and anti-Canadian. The thing that makes us Canadian is our multi-culturalism. However, it is a bit perplexing that the province of Quebec doesn’t offer bilingualism as the rest of Canada is required to do. Have you ever tried, as an Anglophone, trio to drive in Quebec? It doesn’t feel very welcoming at all. The same situation in Northern Ontario has signs in both languages. We can still be Canada without the outdated monarchy to stir the cultural cauldron.

  4. It is not accurate to say that ”
    A Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey in May suggests 51 per cent of Canadians want to retain the monarchy and its octagenarian representative.” In fact, that survey asked people the very vague question of whether people thought the monarchy was a relic of the past or part of the rich history of Canada (it is, to many people, both). Much more accurate was question Your Canada, Your Constitution commissioned Harris-Decima to pose in May, and 52 percent of Canadians said they wanted monarchy removed as head of Canada (including 76 percent in Quebec — which is likely why Marois is highlighting this issue). These results are consistent with survey results over the past five years or so. See details in June 26th news release at:

    Duff Conacher, Spokesperson for Your Canada, Your Constitution
    Founding Director of Democracy Watch

  5. I hear one time they replaced a Riopelle with a picture of Prince Charles, only nobody could tell the difference.

  6. And this coming from a province that is never afraid to keep a hand out for a hand out. It’s time to retire the PQ. as being a useless relic of the past. This is a regressive party totally out of touch with the vast majority of Canadians who have grown tired of its closeted sovereignist platform. La Belle province would’nt last two years on its own before collasping into an economic nightmare.

  7. I say that instead of throwing out our history and our institutional Governance we should encourage Marois and her tribal inferiority complex out of Canada. The Monarchy costs Canada nothing, whereas Quebec is the cost that never ends. Trudeaus forced “bilingualism” or the OLA has cost the Canadian taxpayer 1.3 trillion dollars so far, and that cost continues to rise. Since when is a tribal Quebec bigot concerned with how tax dollars are spent? Marios should stick to banging pots with the Jr marxists and collecting welfare from English speakers.

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