PQ makes good on tuition promise and scraps the Liberal fee hikes


QUEBEC – It’s over — the tuition increase that triggered such social strife in Quebec has been cancelled.

The Parti Quebecois government has repealed the fee hike, by decree, in its first cabinet meeting on its first day in office.

Premier Pauline Marois is acting on a promise that she had made during the election campaign.

She announced the decision at a news conference after the meeting.

Marois says tuition will go back to $2,168 — the lowest in Canada. With the planned increases, it would have been $600 higher this year and would have kept growing each year.

Marois says she will not decrease funding for universities, however, and she will make good on a promise to hold a summit on how to fund universities.

Marois says she will also cancel the Charest Liberals’ controversial protest legislation.

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PQ makes good on tuition promise and scraps the Liberal fee hikes

  1. Oh, good.
    So now all that need be done is to up the equalization transfer to cover the cost of ostrich governance.

  2. Lesson learned by the spoiled children of the Quiet Revolution: bullying works!

    • Protest is a valiant exercise of free speech if it helps a Harpercon agenda. Protest is bullying if it hurts a Harpercon agenda.

      • Your comments might sound more intellegent if you wrote them in English

    • Ah yes, what would a discussion be without the typical and absurd “spoiled children” comment.

      So to recaps how the system works: there are basically two major expenditures for a provincial government: health care and education. Since I’m relatively young, I have no need for healthcare but I work and pay taxes so for the time being, this money is used to retroactively pay for the low cost education I enjoyed. Later on, this money will be used to pay for my future medical costs (if any). See, everything is actually paid for at the end. But demanding that students (people with very little money) pay more so to deny them better paying jobs (and pay more taxes in the process) is basically a breathtaking inanity.

      But apparently for some people, any form of education is a really bad thing, it makes people immune to political propaganda and force them to actually think for themselves instead of drooling simple one liners online. While you are able to do the later, the two former concepts are obviously out of your reach.

  3. Moody’s just heard about this. Quebec’s credit rating will drop tomorrow. After that, the students will be required to pass the hat to make up the difference. Otherwise, the gov’t will not recognize their degrees and will require them to pay back their bursaries.

    • If I am a Grade 12 in Quebec I would be seriously be thinking of going to university in another province

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