Praise be to Canada! Or not. -

Praise be to Canada! Or not.

Hoax aimed at shaming Harper government has Prentice reeling


On Monday, world leaders in Copenhagen rallied to congratulate Canada on its about-face: a new pledge to toughen carbon emissions and to commit $13 billion in aid to the developing world. But Environment Minister Jim Prentice was anything but pleased—turns out that the announcement was a fake, part of an elaborate stunt by the Yes Men activist group to shame Canadian leaders into reversing their lax stance on climate change. The high-level stunt involved fake websites of the Wall Street Journal, the United Nations, and Environment Canada. It also involved a fake press conference staged after fake negotiations. At one one of those conferences, Harper spokesman Dimitri Soudas was tricked into lashing out at the activists.

Toronto Star

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Praise be to Canada! Or not.

  1. Marvelously well done. Harper and his crowd come accross looking like a bunch of idiots. Of course they are but its nice to see their true colors revealed at such a prominent venue. I wonder if the group that organised this for our entertainment and edification are planning future efforts to embarass Harper. Disrupting the Olympics must be an awful temptation. Its a sad day when Canada becomes an object of international contempt and ridicule. Its an even sadder day when, because of its government, Canada deserves it.

    • You are everything that is wrong with this country. If you want to help out the developing world move there your self, and make it quick!

      • It's bigots like you who make this sort of public shaming necessary at all.

        • And its idiots like you who are so blinded by ideology of the left that cannot have a balanced rational thought. You are a follow the crowd into oblivion twit. Hope you choke on your leftest bull sh1t

  2. Its not been a banner month for the Harperites on the international stage. First the well deserved lecture from the Chinese premier and now the equally well deserved humiliation in Copenhagen. Whats next? An olympic boycott or some attempt to use the games as a stage for further public information coups.

  3. Ashamed/Realist. You two are what is wrong with this country. We are ashamed too, ashamed to have to call people like you citizens of Canada. Canada is finally getting some balls under this Gov't and instead of being wishy washy apologists we are showing that we have a mind of our own and know what is right for us and the world. And that certainly isn't making some grandiose statements about GHG reduction that everyone knows wouldn't be reached, not by us not by anyone. Further more giving billions to countries such as China is a joke and the Chinese know it but they will certainly take the money and laugh all the way to the bank. As for other countries, we bankroll them plenty already. As for the "lecture" from the Chinese premier, who gives a s**t.

    • I wouldn't confuse the reneging of every conservative principle for political pragmatism as Canada getting 'some balls.'

  4. Realist: really? we get a "well deserved" lecture from a tin pot despot, who besmirches his own enviroment(you can't see across the street in Peking), poisons school kids with lead and solves the problem by moving the kids a few blocks further away from the spew, but does zero about the plant. Oh, not to mention sending poisonous crap, food and pet food all over the planet. Goes to Copenfraud and promises to do zero about your precious pet project and you think the Chinese have anything to say to us? Screw you pal. I suggest you put on your Chaiman Mao tinfoil hat and trot on over. You'd be the first one they put up against the wall. Fools like you were refered to by Lenin as useful idiots. Looks good on you.

  5. The prank was pretty impressive, whether you agree with the intent behind it or not.

  6. Harper's only mistake was deciding to go to Copenhagen seemingly because Oboma decided to go. The most decent thing that he can do now for Canadians is to leave. Let the other country's sign yet another ignorable pact that will never come close to it's vision.( Whatever makes them feel good for themselves for a day.)
    However when you do come back to Canada, we need to start trying to lay out a real plan for resource and environmental policy for this country. No more reckless selling of raw products and a little more innovation.

    • And you're hoping for such action from this govt?

      • No more than any government does these days. Until Parliament and Legislatures begin to function, it's all just news hour filler.

  7. This public shaming was unfortunate but in my view inevitable and necessary when all our govt stands for is messaging, stalling or generally NOT offering anything constructive and perhaps even being obstructionist. All that's happened here is that the emperor Steve has been shown to be walking around starkers. In other words no more disingenuous hiding behind Obama's skirts. Let the Harper govt have the courage of its convictions…if you don't believe any action is neeccary than just get out of the way, stay home and implement your own policies…stop pissing in the soup and then turning up your nose when your offered a bowl.