Praise the Lord and pass the ammo -

Praise the Lord and pass the ammo

U.S. Army and allies disturbed by Biblical citations on gunsights


The inscriptions on products from defense contractor Trijicon of Wixom, Mich., came to light this week in the U.S. where Army officials said Tuesday they would investigate whether the gunsights—used by troops in Afghanistan and Iraq—violate U.S. procurement laws. Australia said Thursday its military used the sights and was now assessing what to do, while New Zealand declared its intention to remove them. Trijicon said it has had such inscriptions on its products for three decades and has never received complaints before. The inscriptions, which don’t include actual text from the Bible, refer numerically to passages. The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight rifle sights used by New Zealand troops, which allow them to pinpoint targets day or night, carried references to verses that appear in raised lettering at the end of the sight stock number. Markings included “JN8:12,” a reference to John 8:12: “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life,'” according to the King James version of the Bible. The Trijicon Reflex sight is stamped with 2COR4:6, a reference to part of the second letter of Paul to the Corinthians: “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ,” the King James version reads. A New Zealand army officer said his country has about 260 of the company’s gun sights, which were first bought in 2004, and will continue to use them once the inscriptions are removed because they are the best of their kind.

San Francisco Examiner

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammo

  1. The world's most prominent non-violence pacifist figure probably would not intend his wisdom to provide inspiration to the world's most efficient killing machines the world has ever known.

    Trijicon would question such blasphemy if not for their hypocrisy, I am sure.

  2. Scripture on the instruments of death goes hand in hand with a God fearing Christian Nation.
    Japan (the most atheistic nation in the G-8) has the lowest murder rate
    while the United States (the most Christian nation in the G-8) has the
    highest. Japan used to have much stronger religious faith, and a state
    religion, and guess what: Japan was remarkably aggressive and militaristic
    when "Shinto" was at its peak, and during WW2, when its Emperor was
    regarded as a God.

    Louisiana, with America's highest church attendance rate, has twice the
    national average murder rate.

    Scripture on gun sights is really over the top but in keeping with the fundie " we are on a mission from God" hypocracy.

  3. one question….is not religion to assist the common man from damnation when one dies? the bible is a well written piece of literature….where it gets scary is when people use it to demonstrate a condescending attitude which does harm for peaceful coexistence with others…quoting from it sounds a bit over the top…why not quote john steinbecks great novels or the book, 'johnny got his gun' or better yet the wisdom of many many movies!
    my contribution to a better society is a story(ies) i wrote in 1984 and have yet to realize it into a film….problem being investors who would rather invest in air then real action down to earth stories we can enjoy years after!

  4. And they think the Middle East religious fanatics are hypocrites!

  5. From the BBC
    "Earlier in the week, the Church of England told the UK's Guardian newspaper: "People of all faiths and none are being killed and injured in these ­conflicts, on all sides, and any suggestion that this is being done in the name of the Bible would be deeply worrying to many ­Christians."

    On Thursday, New Zealand's defence ministry said it was in talks with Trijicon about the best way to remove the markings without damaging the sights.

    Australia too is reportedly assessing how best to respond.

    However the gun site Co has just backed down .The company pledged to remove the inscription reference on all products destined for the US military yet to be shipped and ensure all future procurements from the department of defence are produced without scripture references."

    I guess they finally woke up and smelt the coffee.

  6. You don't SMELT coffee you SMELT metals. Pretty much covers the intellect of the majority of the posters.

    • Dear John,
      To detect odours with your nose
      To emit odours
      Conjugation of 'To Smell'
      Base Form: Smell
      Past Simple: Smelt/Smelled
      Past Participle: Smelt/Smelled
      3rd Person Singular: Smells
      Present Participle/Gerund: Smelling

      smelt get used to it

  7. I would think the accuracy of the sights and the killing of my comrades more offensive than the detailing near the serial number.

    • red herring

      • What Gary says that the purpose of the gunsight – which is to kill people – is irrelevant. His political dogma is relevant. Don't you rubes understand?

  8. What I don't understand is why does it bother any one. Are they afraid it might anger the devil. It just a marking on a piece of equipment