Preliminary report: Cervical cancer vaccine didn’t kill 14-year-old British schoolgirl

It was an unnamed health condition but the vaccine batch remains under quarantine


An unnamed “serious underlying health condition,” not an inoculation intended to prevent cervical cancer, was likely responsible for the death of 14-year-old schoolgirl Nathalie Morton, a preliminary report from British health officials concludes. Morton died suddenly on Monday shortly after receiving the Cervarix vaccine, prompting widespread fear about a drug offered to millions of girls in Britain as part of a national immunization campaign. At least nine other girls at Morton’s school received medical attention after apparently suffering side effects related to the jab. As a precautionary measure, the batch of vaccine used at the school remains under quarantine.

The Times of London

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Preliminary report: Cervical cancer vaccine didn’t kill 14-year-old British schoolgirl

  1. Was this "serious underlying condition" known to all at the time? Was there any reason that the vaccine might have exacerbated this condition? What is the life expectancy associated with this condition, and how might that affect the risk assessment from HPV in the first place?

    Reducing cervical warts and cancer is a tremendously good idea. I hope we don't get all hysterical over what is hopefully an unrelated death. But that "serious underlying medical condition" makes me question whether THIS young lady really needed to get the vaccine.

  2. Bullsh*t.

  3. If I may so smugly assume that I might add to JimD's contribution here…

    So, updates tell us that the "chest tumor" was previously undiagnosed. Which makes this young lady and her family tragic victims of circumstance. Not victims of the vaccine.

  4. madeyoulook – I've got some oceanfront land in Switzerland I'll sell you for real cheap!

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