Premiers call on Ottawa to grant them more control over immigration -

Premiers call on Ottawa to grant them more control over immigration


HALIFAX – The premiers are calling on Ottawa to give provinces greater control over immigration as they seek to improve their respective economies.

The provincial leaders concluded a meeting on the economy in Halifax today where they said immigration emerged as a key issue.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says the provinces want greater flexibility and space from the federal government when it comes to making decisions on immigration.

Premier Christy Clark of British Columbia says the premiers want to be able to determine where to settle immigrants and how many they are allowed to accept.

Clark says the meeting is a recognition that provincial governments drive the national economy, not Ottawa.

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Premiers call on Ottawa to grant them more control over immigration

  1. Ontario wants more immigrants, Kenney is being cranky.

  2. Control over immigration? Skilled workers immigration program is a fraud. Skilled immigrants come to Canada to find out that their education is useless here. Engineers can get a job because they do not have North American experience, their degrees are not accepted and they have to go back to school if they want to work as engineers. Or take that ridiculous test at the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists and so on. So why leave their countries and come to Canada to work at Walmart, Costco, deliver pizza? What about physicians? Same thing. This is a joke….what they want to control? Just recently a friend of mine, that was already working in Canada for several years, paying taxes and so on, had his permanent residence rejected? So, you can work as an engineers under a VISA but if you decide to bring your wife and kids you cannot? And this is just an example, there are many, many more people like this……. Even the conductor of Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra had his petition as a Provincial Nominee rejected……what’s next? Immigration in Canada is a joke, only a select type of people can enter….others not…..

  3. I meant to say Engineers cannot get a job….