Preparing for the flu fight -

Preparing for the flu fight

Federal recommendations will help hospitals deal with potential surge in swine flu cases


David Butler-Jones, the chief public health officer, says that in the coming weeks the federal government will unveil a “truly pan-Canadian approach” to help medical workers better prepare in the case of a swine flu outbreak this fall. The recommendations will help health care workers know how to protect themselves, and diagnose and treat severe cases of swine flu. There have been concerns about the ability of hospitals to handle a surge in patients, and some experts worry that there could be a shortage of beds, equipment and even staff.

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Preparing for the flu fight

  1. Isn't it a bit late? It should have been released by now. By the time it comes in the "coming weeks", more people would have died. Disgusting!!!

    • You really don't know anything about how public health works, do you?

  2. The vaccination is all hype. The three basics being washing hands thoroughly, keeping your hands away from your face and staying home if you are sick will suffice in living through the H1N1 "scare".