President Obama’s head speechwriter, Jon Favreau, leaving for Hollywood


Members of U.S. President Barack Obama's staff, (L-R) Senior Advisor David Plouffe, aide Alyssa Mastromonaco and speechwriter Jon Favreau in Norfolk, Virginia on July 13, 2012. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

Jon Favreau, the man behind many of President Barack Obama’s orations is stepping down as head speechwriter, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Tuesday’s report comes after December rumours that Favreau, who has worked as a speechwriter for Obama for seven years, would be stepping down soon after writing the president’s second inaugural address. “We hear he’s mulling various options but hasn’t made a decision about his second-term plans,” reported The Washington Post in December.

Favreau is known for his personality almost as much as his words. He was just 23 when he famously interrupted then U.S. Senator candidate Obama to offer some pointers for his speech.

The young, good-looking speechwriter stated working for Obama after he was elected to the Senate and moved with him to the White House where he hung out with stars and, at one time, dated Rashida Jones from The Office. In 2009, Favreau was named as one of the world’s most beautiful by People magazine and as one of the most influential by The New York Times that same year. In 2011, GQ wrote a profile on him.

His next gig: screenwriting, maybe in Los Angeles.

Cody Keenan, an existing Obama speechwriter who is known for writing the president’s speech after the Tucson, Az. shooting, will take over for Favreau after March 1, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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