Price tag on Pickton case reaches $100 million -

Price tag on Pickton case reaches $100 million

Investigation alone cost $70 million


According to figures released Monday by the B.C. provincial government, the total cost of the investigation and trial in the Robert Pickton serial murder case topped $100 million. The final tally of expenditures since the investigation began in April 2001 came in at $102.8 million. The most significant chunk of spending was on the lengthy multi-jurisdiction police investigation, which cost nearly $70 million. After that, the second-largest cost was for defence lawyers, who were paid just under $12 million. Pretrial, prosecution, and witness costs added just over $9 million to the total, while security and trial support cost nearly $7 million. The province also spent $2.4 million on support services for the families of Pickton’s victims. Other expenditures included B.C. Supreme Court expenses, management services, and corrections and coroners’ services.

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Price tag on Pickton case reaches $100 million

  1. Put it this way, that's just over 2 million per victim. Furthermore the cost is worth it. To put this killer behind bars and save lives.

  2. Is there any way that the government could confiscate Pickton's property to pay for portion of this expense?

  3. just think of it as a wealth transfer from the federal taxpayers to the wealthy lawyers.

  4. At the salaries paid government wurkerz these days I am surprised we are not at $500 million. Wait, we will be.

  5. So are we going to do cost-benefit analysis before prosecuting serial killers? The families of these victims were rebuffed by the police when they were looking for their loved ones. What about the cost of investigating why the police did little if anything when they were being asked about the disappeared? Yes, trials are expensive but we have a criminal justice system to serve society when these types of crimes are committed.

    • So true, but boy is there no way for criminals to be made financially liable, especially those with properties and assets? I don't know why that is, but seems to me criminals value more their properties/assets than their freedom and even their lives. So why not hit them where it hurts them most?