Prime Minister and the media wade into one of world's danger zones -

Prime Minister and the media wade into one of world’s danger zones


OTTAWA – Canadian photographers and camera operators travelling with the prime minister to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are being warned to keep their lens caps on just in case.

Stephen Harper, two federal ministers and the premiers of Quebec and New Brunswick will attend the Francophonie summit from Friday to Sunday.

Officials are cautioning the media about photographing or taking video of images outside of the conference because of restrictions imposed by the government of Joseph Kabila.

Reporters are also warned to stick close to their hotel and not to travel alone while in Kinshasa.

The country has been coping with crippling rebel violence in its eastern region and international criticism for its human rights and democratic record following last year’s troubled presidential elections.

Harper is scheduled to meet civil society leaders including members of the opposition while in the country.


Prime Minister and the media wade into one of world’s danger zones

  1. This is exactly where the PM should be. If we are going to help people outside our borders, to be good humans, the PM who is above average when it comes to the Economy should be helping or at the very least attending these meetings. The best solution to poverty is a Job, not a hand out. If we can use CIDA to fund the creation of Jobs in the Congo, and put pressure on these Gov’ts to act better, the whole world will be better for it.

    I also wish harper safety as he works on our behalf.

    And for you complainers, Harper is and always will be forwarding our economy “first” , Its no accident that they use jargon like the “Canada first” strategy etc. There is one thing you can’t say about harper, He has never been lazy. If anything he works too hard and takes the job too seriously.

  2. I hope he stays there and dies there.