Prime Minister Harper under fire for ATV jaunt

Photo op backfires as Harper takes a spin in sensitive wilderness area


It was planned as a harmless photo-opp, but Stephen Harper has come under fire from environmentalists after he was photographed riding an ATV in the Yukon yesterday.

Prime Minister and his wife took a short, off-road trip near Whitehorse on Monday after leaving a community barbecue and before visiting husky puppies. The move, however, irritated local activists, who say they have spent years trying to mitigate the damage done by all-terrain vehicles on the area’s “pristine wilderness”.

The Carcross Desert — which Mr. Harper explored on rented ATVs — is home to at least two species of at-risk plant and insect life, conservation officials told the National Post.

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Prime Minister Harper under fire for ATV jaunt

  1. Will someone please think of the insects!!

  2. If thats all that the whiners get uptight about then they better leave their Mamas basements and see the real world.
    Harper kills mosquitoes!!!…STOP PRESS…” mosquitoes are fully protected by animal and insect rights”, says David Suzuki.
    “Prime MInisters are not allowed to use “OFF” as they inhibit the growth of insects that feed the fish that feed the caribou” says Suzuki.
    “Ban all FLYSWATTERS” says the new protest signs.
    Serious stuff, bubba.

    • Cute! But it IS symbolic of the way Harper has ridden roughshod over all our environmental laws to appease the oil patch.

      • Shut the front door. I don’t like Harper, or most of his policies, but you are thinking about this waaay too much. He went on a quad ride through the desert. He wasn’t out sucker-punching piping plovers.

        • What I’m saying is that he didn’t even stop to think about what he was doing because he just doesn’t give a damn about the environment. It is simply something to be exploited, period.

          • I think the word you’re looking for is enjoyed. A quad ride through the desert sounds to me like enjoying the environment, not exploiting it.
            Unless you are stacking all of his prior bad acts on top of this one innocent event, which seems unfair.
            I walked my dog today. I enjpyed her company, however, in the past, I’ve eaten meat, gone hunting a couple of times, I killed a couple of birds with my car, spoken out publicly against PETA, and I am a relentless killer of mosquitos and houseflies, therefor, the act of putting a collar around a defenseless dogs throat, and walking it around tied to a leash must be exploitative. I’m so ashamed!

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