Prime Minister says Christmas is a time to appreciate how fortunate we are


Prime Minister Stephen Harper is encouraging Canadians to think of those less fortunate.

In his annual holiday message, Harper says Canada remains an “island of stability” in an uncertain world.

And he says the new year will bring with it continuing challenges to improve the economy and create jobs.

But he says now is the season to ponder about those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Harper says he’s also grateful for the sacrifices made by the men and women in Canada’s military.

And he urges Canadians to be thankful for the country in which they live.

Harper says Christmas is a time, not just for Christians, but for people from all backgrounds, to appreciate how fortunate they are.

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Prime Minister says Christmas is a time to appreciate how fortunate we are

  1. I notice he’s not telling that to Chief Theresa Spence…..a woman he can see starving to death from his comfy taxpayer-paid home.

  2. Talk to Chief Theresa Spence first, then maybe I will listen to your kind words about those less fortunate. Get back to me after you have talked to her.

  3. Harper is the consumate used car sales man. What he says and what he does have no relationship.

  4. He has absolutely no understanding or appreciation of the average Canadian.

  5. Worst thing to say right now with the Idle No More movement happening.

  6. Hmmm, I can think of one thing that would make us even more “fortunate”.

  7. Vile and bloated toad…hypocrit much? How goes the pondering of those less fortunate than yourself? Just so much wrong with everything you represent…believe me you do not represent Canada!

  8. You are indeed fortunate, Mr. Harper. It is anyone’s guess (!) how much longer you will be “fortunate” enough to remain the (completely inadequate) leader of this country.

  9. he means how fortunate he is that selfish, greedy, poor excuse of a man. Meet with Theresa Spence already!!!!

    We live in third world conditions if you didn’t notice or do you choose to ignore what’s in front of your face. You coward!!!!

  10. What about global warming, climate change and ocean acidification. What are we, as Canadians going to do about this monster? Get on with it Harper.. Address this issue now, for the future of our kids.

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