Prime Minister Stephen Harper says no plans to quit before 2015 election -

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says no plans to quit before 2015 election


OTTAWA – Stephen Harper is trying to quell speculation that he’ll resign before the next election.

In a televised, year-end interview with Quebec’s TVA network, the prime minister says he intends to lead the Conservative party in the scheduled fall 2015 campaign.

And he says he won’t be reflecting on his future in the meantime.

Rather, he says he intends to remain focused on the economic opportunities and challenges facing the country.

Harper’s leadership has been the subject of mounting speculation since the Senate expenses scandal landed squarely on the prime minister’s doorstep last spring.

“It’s interesting that one day, in the newspaper, I read that I want to retire, the next day they say I want to call an election now,” Harper told TVA anchorman Pierre Bruneau.

He noted that under legislation passed by his government, the date for the next election is fixed for October 2015 and said he plans to lead the Conservatives in that campaign.

“I intend to lead my party, which is the only party that has a serious policy on the No. 1 priority of the people and that is the economy.”

The scandal over four senators allegedly making improper expense claims has engulfed Harper’s government for a year now. In particular, Harper’s office has been directly implicated by revelations that his former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, personally gave $90,000 to Mike Duffy to enable the senator to repay contested living expense claims.

Harper continues to insist he knew nothing about that transaction.

However, emails and witness statements filed in court by the RCMP suggest more than a dozen top people in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Senate leadership and the Conservative party were involved in hammering out a secret deal with Duffy, which included attempts to interfere with an independent audit and the whitewashing of a Senate report on Duffy’s expenses.

The scandal is unlikely to die down in the new year as the RCMP continues to investigate Wright, Duffy and three other senators. They all potentially face charges of fraud and breach of trust and, in the case of Duffy and Wright, bribery as well.

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper says no plans to quit before 2015 election

  1. Glad to hear it – we know he lies constantly.

    • Indeed. I’m pretty sure he once said he doesn’t follow Canadian news. I guess someone forced him to read to read the news, not once but twice.
      Wonder what PWs will make of that “promise” not to break his fixed election law…again?

  2. I thought Harper – some time ago – claimed that he ddn’t read the newspapers.

    • I hate to be that guy, but you missed a letter there…

      • LOL!!! Touche.

  3. There’s lots of time until October 2015 — time yet to produce anti-Trudeau ads and to polish up his resume.

  4. This is good news. Harper presents the best chance of defeating the neo-Cons. He is a leader Canadians neither like or trust. After 9 years of him, Canadians will be begging for change.

    Of course, Harper never should’ve been given absolute corrupt power to begin with. In the rest of the developed world, an actual majority of voters is represented in government. Here in Canada we implement the ironic interpretation of democracy: we dole out unfettered power to minority parties leaving the vast majority out in the cold.

    In order to stop the Reform party from destroying the country against the wishes of Canadians we will have to upgrade our primitive voting system (First-Past-the-Post) as 91% of developed countries have done. Justin Trudeau offers a moderate solution that fixes our existing (Westminster) system: ranked ballot voting.

    If we had ranked ballot in 2011, Harper would be gone

    • I’m sure Harper will get right on introducing that legislation in the House.

      • Actually, the goal is to raise awareness for voting reform so it becomes a 2015 election issue — and something gets done about it AFTER the election.

        The “Stop Harper” crowd have been banging their heads against a wall for 8 years getting absolutely nothing accomplished. This is something they can actually contribute to.

        If we don’t get voting reform done in 2015, the Cons could be back in power for another decade (with another Harper at the helm) as early as 2017. Then in 2025 we’ll be having the exact same conversation…

  5. The odds of Harper gracefully quitting are about the same as him ever admitting to a mistake or telling the truth. Of course, it is always possible to win the lottery.