Prince Charles at 64: The full-bore FAQ -

Prince Charles at 64: The full-bore FAQ


The royal family still feeds Prince Charles now that he’s 64—just not seven eggs at breakfast, as per popular myth.

That and other long-held beliefs about the Prince of Wales were laid to rest this week in an FAQ released by Clarence House on the occasion of Charles’s birthday, as part of the royals’ ongoing effort to put a more normal face on their sometimes remote heir.

He doesn’t duck taxes, advocate use of dangerous alternative therapies or loathe modern architecture, according to officials.

And he doesn’t spend any—repeat, any—time thinking about being king.

All of which is too bad: those were things that made him interesting.

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Prince Charles at 64: The full-bore FAQ

  1. I’ve mentioned it before, but my opinion of Prince Charles was solidified when I saw one interviewer ask him if he wanted to be king.

    His response was “You’re talking about the death of my mum.”

    Good man.

  2. I hope he does
    not become the king of Canada and that we can become a republic as soon as possible. Having a foreign celebrity as our head of
    state is wrong and it goes against our democratic values and our current multicultural
    heritage. We need to make the monarchy
    history and end our relationship with the British royal family.