Prince Charles goes “carbon negative” -

Prince Charles goes “carbon negative”

Solar panels going on a 180-year-old royal residence


The Prince of Wales has won permission to install 32 solar panels on the roof of Clarence House, his listed London residence. The photovaltic panels are expected to produce 4,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. It is the latest in a series of efforts to make his household “carbon negative”—meaning it generates more energy than it uses. Already the home, formerly occupied by his grandmother Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, has high efficiency boilers. He’s even taken his carbon campaign into the garage. His Jaguar and Land Rover run on biodiesel derived from used cooking oil while his classic Aston Martin runs on bioethanol fuel made from surplus British wine. There was no objection to his latest green scheme since the roof is surrounded by high parapets which will make the panels invisible from the ground.

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Prince Charles goes “carbon negative”

  1. They have surplus wine in Britain?

  2. i don't see why the rich all wouldn't make their own power ..they can afford it and it can be a new status symbol ..a sort of eco-superiority over the common man

  3. carbon negative? maybe, maybe not. but one thing is for sure, this clown is brain cell negative.

  4. this over grown tadpole is news? yuk

  5. It is too beep beep late , one can't even grow a beep beep garden in these conditions.Scream'in sunshine wake up you fools, people at least pr. charl. was trying; if he didn't have to take so beep beep long trying to convince people……………………………

  6. And another thing .If the whole world belonged to the commonwealth regardless of addictions,religion, culture ,abilities, money or understanding. We could all together fight our earths enviornment by whatever it is to takes to fix it . Yes I'm a devout monarch" up holder " . Lets get 's STARTED you swemmin fools. If you can't figure it out leave it up to the ones that do.I think they have logic and science behind their convictions.God bless us All .

  7. Good for him! But Carbon negative? Unless, he stopped breathing and farting?