Pro-Gadhafi forces move on Benghazi

U.S. pushing UN to authorize aerial bombing of tanks and heavy artillery


The U.S. is pushing for the UN to authorize aerial bombing of Libyan tanks and heavy artillery, now that pro-Gadhafi forces have reportedly begun a siege of the rebel stronghold at Benghazi. While the Obama administration has been hesitant to appear interventionist in the Libyan crisis, it is eager to support the rebels and no longer believes that a no-fly zone over Libya is an adequate enough solution. Any international intervention would have to have the backing of Libya’s Arab neighbours, which was given, in effect, last week when the Arab League voted on a resolution to back UN Security Council action. Meanwhile, Said al-Islam Gadhafi said he expects the rebel uprising to be defeated within 48 hours. Libyan rebels, however, were successful in shooting down at least two bomber planes and have commandeered tanks and helicopters as they struggle to defend their stronghold at Benghazi.

New York Times

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Pro-Gadhafi forces move on Benghazi

  1. The past few weeks of events in Libya have sadly added support to the blindingly obvious: Gadhaffi is a raging lunatic and has no interest in the outside world, and is quite willing to destroy his own people. The relevant members of the UN Sec. Council and their parent-governments, Canada included, should be extremely embarrassed at their inactivity – failing to support Libyan citizens who are willing to sacrifice their lives to improve their country. This is no longer a world of separated countries. However given the most recent news, I fear that any belated step to control Gadhaffi's air strikes will already be too late. So I wonder, when he has regained control over his country and is happily getting on with brutalising his citizens further, will the rest of us cease to buy his oil, and bring about the kind of measures to convince him he is wrong? I doubt it. We want what he has too strongly. How depressing.

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