Pro-Palestinian activists plan “fly-in” to Israeli airport

Hundreds plan to arrive in show of Palestinian solidarity


Hundreds of activists are buying tickets to fly into Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport as a show of solidarity with Palestinians living in territories occupied by Israel. Organizers say at least 500 people from all over the world will arrive at the airport on Friday within a two-hour period. The arrival will coincide with peaceful demonstrations that were previously organized in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Israeli media has reported that all flights landing from Europe at Ben Gurion Airport Friday will be taken to a separate terminal, where each passenger will be carefully screened. The Israeli army has said that they will employ all legal means at their disposal to prevent protests at the airport, and to stop activists from traveling to the West Bank.

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Pro-Palestinian activists plan “fly-in” to Israeli airport

  1. Instead of interfering and causing trouble in the Middle East, why don’t the activists “fly-in to Nairobi where children are dying in refugee camps the UN refugee agency has reported. Up to 12 million people are affected. Do some real good for a change 

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