Prostitutes arriving in Johannesburg -

Prostitutes arriving in Johannesburg

World Cup draws thousands of impoverished women to South African city


South African restaurant and hotel owners are hoping that the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg will spur a tourism boom. But there’s another brand of entrepreneur hoping to hop on the World Cup bandwagon: prostitutes. Reports indicate that prostitutes from impoverished Zimbabwe are traveling to Johannesburg in droves, in anticipation of next month’s soccer fest, which will draw an expected 500,000 fans. By most estimates, as many as 40,000 sex workers will arrive over the next few weeks. “If ever there was time to make money, this is the right time,” one 22-year-old prostitute told reporters. “I am convinced that after the World Cup, I will be able to buy my own car,” said another, who traveled over 1,700 miles by bus to get to the South African capital. Human rights groups are calling on South Africa to take measures against human trafficking.

Christian Science Monitor

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