Protest against Quran burning in Kabul turns violent -

Protest against Quran burning in Kabul turns violent

Taliban accused of inciting violence


A demonstration in Kabul against Florida pastor Terry Jones’s since-abandoned plans to burn the Quran last Saturday turned violent on Wednesday morning. The demonstration left at least 37 police officers and eight Afghans wounded. Analysts say the incident points to how seriously Muslims have reacted to the Quran burning stunt in the US, and how tense relations between Afghanistan and the U.S. are ahead of Saturday’s parliamentary election. It is believed that the Taliban stoked the anger to incite anti-American sentiment. “Some Taliban infiltrated the protest and that’s why it became violent,” said Mohamed Zahir, chief of the Kabul police criminal investigations division. “They were firing on police from neighbouring houses.”

Washington Post

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Protest against Quran burning in Kabul turns violent

  1. "Analysts say the incident points to how seriously Muslims have reacted to the Quran burning stunt"… really??!

    To this observer it seems the way international Muslims react to ANYTHING they don't like. A cartoon? Riot in the streets, attempt to kill people. An unflattering documentary? Behead the director, attempt to kill the subject. Blasphemous speech? Attempt a UN resolution to make it punishable by death. The threat of a book burning? Riot in the streets, attempt to kill people. Note that no actual books were burnt by crazy Christian fundamentalists, but 45 people were wounded by the crazy Muslim reaction to the (non)event. And yeah, I'm publishing this comment under a pseudonym because… see above.

    • perhaps, strepsi, they are reacting this way because they are constantly being picked on by crazy pricks such as yourself. pricks that possess the same fundamental views as you do – walking around the world with the inherent expectation that you are better than others (such as muslims). if someone was going to burn the bible, or have jesus' image in a compramising way in a cartoon, I am sure pricks like you would go mental. the likes of CNN and BBC report the news with the intent of moving forward the western belief and culture – which is predominently the opposite of muslim beliefs and culture. In other words, dont believe everything you hear on the news to be true; test it and think critically and you will find how ethnocentric pricks like you are.

      • Shobee, grow up! Bible, Buddhas, Churches, embassies have been burnt so many times and Non Muslim and minority muslim groups have been killed in the middle East and South Asian countries in the name of religion – yet no retaliation nor violent protest were being held against them. If there are pricks, you are a good example of it, as most of the violent pricking get no complaint from you but defense instead. When did this picking started? Remember all the death and the killing? When someone had enough of it and showed a cartoon, that deserves a killing? Boy you are mentally sick if you think so.

      • you poor thing you!! i feel sorry for your total lack of information. i understand that an old proverb says ignorance is bliss, but you seem to have embraced that proverb to a whole new level of stupid.
        yes, the western belief and culture are opposite of islam beliefs and culture. that is why we prosper and they get insanely jealous of our prosperity. that is why they want to come and live among us. that is why they will continue to hate us. it is a paradox they are helpless to avoid like the moth and the flame. please leave our horrible culture to us and return to your non-ethnocentric psychotic, neurotic, sociopaths and spare us your misery!!

    • muslims aren't always violent, they danced in the sreets and handed out candies after 911

  2. Strepsi is bang-on correct. They are a violent people and sooner or later there is gonna be a dustup. Just keep youe heads in thw sand lefties.

  3. how could you say that its not like muslims ho round burning the bible and the book is not the book it is the holy quran

    • In the Middle East and South Asian countries they have been burning bibles, churches, bombed Buddha statues, kill non muslims for their religion, also kill muslim minority groups for their non conformity, yet you have not seen the west and non muslim countries parade on the street shouting "Kill, kill, death, death " to protest. We have seen so many people in the street in those countries parade and celebrate 911. How mentally sick are these people to celebrate killings in the name of religion? It is like having a multitude of Picktons (serial killers) in one setting.

  4. This shows the power of the Koran, unlike the Bible. In western society, the religious establishment lost control via Darwin, the enlightenment, separation of church and state. But in the Muslim world, the mullah reigns supreme. My guess is that it's far safer to attack Christianity or Israel than to attack Islam or Iran.

    • "This shows the power of the Koran…"

      No…it shows what uneducated, uninformed, brainwashed, dirt-poor, cult followers do when anyone bursts their little fantasy bubble.

      Until the world is free of religion…the mindless bloodshed shall continue.

    • The difference is, those who are offended by such acts have already committed idolatry.

      Those who don't take offense to such acts understand that the books themselves are nothing compared to the message contained within them; and that message cannot be burned by an act of man.

    • "the power of the Koran"… power corrupts. you know what absolute does, i hope, or do you want me to spell it out for you!?

  5. You know…The pastor NEVER DID burn any qurans…Yet this is the reaction…

    Gee…It's almost like they don't need much of an excuse…Huh?

    • actually, they don't need a reason. reason is not part of their vocabulary. unless, of course, it leads to them getting to kill a few people, doesn't matter who.

  6. One rarely sees so many racists in one place. And I thought Canada was an educated and enlightened country.

    • Agree, is it just me or has it gotten worse in the last month or so ? What a shame….

    • "educated and enlightened" does not mean blind and stupid. it does not mean ignorant and foolish. if you think we are racist, i am from India, same "race" (Caucasian, by the way) as them and many other people here. we look a little different because of geological settings, but hey! whatever makes your bell dingle!!

  7. When u attack Black people, they call it racism. When u attack Jewish people, they call it anti-semetism. When u attack women, they call it sexism. When u attack homosexuality, they call it intolerance. When u attack ur Country, they call it treason.When u attack a religious sect they call it hate. But when they- attac…k -the Prophet Mohammed they call it freedom of speech!"

    • Somebody attacked the prophet Mohammed [pboh], really? He was there? Did anyone get photos?
      Equating the planned burning of the Koran, plans which I would like to reiterate were abandoned, with an attack on the prophet Mohammed [pboh] are not only specious, but disingenuous and outright deceitful. Could it be that what your REALLY upset about is the rampant Islamophobia inherent in Jones's stunt, and all the people that supported it? Well, I would be willing to concede the point, but that, unlike racism, antisemitism, and such, islamophobia actually comes from something. Or would you say that a violent demonstration that left at least 37 police officers and eight Afghans wounded is a proportionate response to something that DIDN'T HAPPEN?

  8. Just napalm those apes and problem solved….

    • Gees, you are just as extreme as those people.

      • what do you do to a dog when it starts biting people? Ontario tried to ban pit bulls a few years back. why? it is the same case here too. if that makes me as extreme as those people, it is because I care for my way of life, my freedom and my society. if someone theatens these things, i am prepared to fight back on their terms. they are willing to die for their "cause", i am prepared to die for mine…and yours. if dogs can be put down for doing what dogs are known for (bark and bite, mainly bite, barking can irritate people enough to want them dead), then people who want to destroy our society should expect the same.

  9. Without oil the Muslim people would remain in tents with their camels living in the stone age where they remain mentally.

    • I have issue with rising Islam fundamentalism as well but your comment is counter productive, that is just bigotry.

      • no one likes the truth.

  10. Perhaps it's time to polish up the nukes and tell these people to mind their own business, get out of our countries, and mind their own #%^@%^ business or we'll be done with the little problems of these fundamentalist moronic people once and for all! Enough is Enough! It's time to show strength and put them down where they belong!