Protesters demand affordable AIDS drugs -

Protesters demand affordable AIDS drugs


Protesters hit the Hill to push MPs to pass Bill C-39. This bill would make it  easier for generic drug companies to produce affordable AIDS medications for the developing world.


Protesters demand affordable AIDS drugs

  1. If they don't, those countries will simply produce the drugs on their own.

    • If only they could, the whole thing is the pharmaceutical companies have those medications on lockdown because of the Patent-Act.. millions could be saved if big pharma would just let this pass, they claim they are worried the drugs would be embezzled in the black market some how back into Canada, and sold for cheaper, (Ie the drugs that go for hundreds here, will go for .50 there, because companies like apotec(sp?) can make non brand-name medications..

        • Yes but Brazil and India have reasonably wealthy segments of society and are developed enough to sustain a domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing society. How is Rwanda or Botswana going to get the drugs?

  2. We seem to have protests regularily about access to drugs that are required because of poor choices in the majority of cases, yet the cost of cancer drugs draws only one liners. go figure

    • In many countries 'choice' is not a factor. And the lack of drugs is because of moral judgements like yours.

  3. It should be noted that the bill is actually called Bill C-393 (

    Also, just because Brazil and India "have done so" (@Emily whatever it is you mean by this), does not mean Canada should not aim to ensure equitable and affordable access to essential medicines for people dying in the developing world. It is within our capacity to do so, but the existing legislation is so flawed as to make it useless and impossible to "do so". Bill C-393 aims to address the inadequacies of the current legislation and is an important step in the right direction.

  4. Its just simple really – just get on with making CAMR actually work. Make it do what it was origially intended to do for heaven's sake. If I can get treatment for AIDS/HIV, then everybody o the planet should be able to. This is a no brainer, parliamentarians !