Protesters to Rob Ford: 'If you love us, let us go!!!' -

Protesters to Rob Ford: ‘If you love us, let us go!!!’

Noted at a rally in Toronto on Saturday afternoon


TORONTO – Several hundred protesters gathered outside Toronto city hall today and called for Mayor Rob Ford to step down.

Many held up posters insisting Ford leave office and called the mayor’s ongoing video scandal a disgrace to the city.

For more than two weeks, Ford has been bombarded with questions about reports of an alleged video showing him smoking what appears to be crack cocaine — a drug he says he does not use.

Protester Jim Hedge said the explosive video allegations are a tipping point for Ford , who has been tailed by controversy for much of his mayoralty.

“He’s a man who appears willing to say anything — except the truth — to stay in office,” Hedge said.

“He’s not been good economically or culturally for this town and this is the final straw. He has to go.”

One Ford supporter who braved the crowd to defend the mayor wound up in a heated argument, but was quickly drowned out by anti-Ford chants.

Derek Hill said many people are jumping to conclusions about the purported video, which has not been publicly released.

“This is not due process. No matter how you feel about Ford, it’s un-Canadian,” he said.

Ford has refused to answer questions about the video scandal at news conferences he has held the past two days.

The mayor has also said he will not step aide and plans to seek re-election.

Several of Ford’s staffers have parted company with the mayor since the scandal broke.

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Protesters to Rob Ford: ‘If you love us, let us go!!!’

  1. Macleans 31 May 2013 “Thousands expected to attend rally to demand Rob Ford’s resignation” let me fix the next days headline for you 1 June 2013 “Dozens of Whiners rally to demand Rob Ford’s resignation”

    • Or you could check other news ….as the protest got started.

  2. I voted for Rob Ford and will vote for him and support him in the next elections. I urge him not to give in to the rag tag protesters that look more than drug users and welfare cases. If anyone has to come clean is not Ford but Toronto Star that should post evidence and go with it to police. Just imagine they could have accused him of murder does he have to prove that he is not murderer?

    The unrelenting attack on Ford is not only on him but on the close to the majority of the voters that voted him into the office to clean up the waste and uncontrolled spending of taxpayers money. Obviously the financial interest that benefited from the uncontrolled waste of taxpayers money want him out.

    I had a low opinion on Toronto Star this disgusting attack on a decent man just proved it.

    I will think twice about buying anything that is been advertised in the Toronto Star.

    • You do realize they commissioned an in-depth report to find all the gravy Ford campaigned against and they found there was virtually nothing that could be cut and still deliver effective services, right? Right?

      • Wrong, Wrong! Who are the “they” that commissioned the in “depth report” who wrote the report? Toronto Star reporter? You can put on piece of paper anything even if it is not worth more than used toilet paper and call it an in-depth report..
        As far as I can see the city services operate as good or even better than before.

    • Dude… even the budget chief says he doesn’t know what Ford is talking about when he spews his “saved a billion dollars” nonsense. And this isn’t about crack anymore, it’s about leadership. You may also want to consider boycotting the National Post, the Sun, and the Globe and Mail because they have all run stories against Ford. This isn’t about the Star. Believing that it is shows that you believe the crap Ford spews in his one-liners without doing your own independent research and analysis. That’s called ignorance.

      • Yes, I am boycotting all Newspapers and magazines. For a time I was subscriber to National Post and MacLean’s cancelled my subscription got fed up with the Political correctness and Leftist bias of most of the so called Journalists. Newspapers are in business of making money not delivering truth. As to your claim that Ford stated that he saved billions and was criticized by the Budget chief as far as I can see you made it up. Could not find on the Internet anything that comes close to what you state. What I found is:

        For collecting the garbage, having streets cleaned and repaired, having policing in place does not require a great leader. Who is leader, David Miller that spent money like a drunken sailor?

        I am sticking by Rob Ford and the leftist Journalist can go hell.

  3. This wouldn’t be the first relationship ruined by a drug-addicted and abusive partner

  4. I am in favour of citizens having a
    say, but this protest is absurd to say the least.

    The media is to blame for all this commotion and not the Mayor of Toronto!
    Websites like and newspaper media outlets like The Star
    are the people responsible and the ones to to blame here. They have
    made baseless and alleged allegations of a video of the Mayor that to
    this day ceases to exist. The Mayor and the citizens of Toronto have
    been smeared by both these media sources whilst making unethical
    allegations that are backed with no credible sources at this

    Will people believe everything the media says, even if it is backed with zero proven facts to allow it to be factual. Can I remind citizens the media feeds you these repulsive forms of slander and you in return feast on it. These organizations are unethical and
    carry no morals in today’s society.

    This is a disgrace and the interviews I seen today from the event were laying blame to the wrong sources and root causes of the issue. Take a hard and deep look at
    the media around you, analyze the unethical and bias treatment they
    feed you in today’s society!

    Support your voted in leader until proven guilty with credible evidence!

    • Asking from Toronto Star a credible evidence? You must be joking! the Toronto Star is garbage from A to Z . How many people buy it? It is given out for free at McDonald with the breakfast, in community centers. I get at every second week phone call begging me to subscribe fro $1 per week home delivery 7 days a week.
      I will agree if it is printed on toilet paper and delivered in form of a roll.

      • Replace “Ford” with “Trudeau” and ask if the media would be reporting the story…would the Star even admit to seeing such a video

        • That is the modus operandi of leftist so called MSM to hide any unflattering news on their darlings whether would it be Trudeau, Obama, Mulcair, Kathleen Whynne, Moslem leaders etc. Make up, embellish and inflate stories that have negative effect on what they consider enemies such as Harper, Ford, Israel etc.

          • Most of the stuff we hear about the alleged Boston bombers is second hand from unnamed sources. There is no hard evidence they whatsoever they had even heard from the Nazis in Auschwitz.

            On another front, the flags were completely torn down by
            Carlos the cowboy hat and his team mates This is destruction of a crime scene. 66 Jews were injured in the Boston Marathon. Never forget.

          • Sorry I don’t understand what are you talking about? Maybe the one that gave you thumb up understands.

    • well said…media has become a disgrace

  5. The majority of protestors are benefitting from universal healthcare, some look unemployed, they must be welfare cases. Why are they biting the hand which feeds them?

    • Uh… what?

  6. All I need is one look at those moonbats and their idiotic signs to figure out who the grownup is.

  7. Rob Ford’s persona is not good. Is his government good? I have evidence of corruptions and cover-ups by his City Hall and Toronto Ombudsman’s office. If Maclean is interesting I will send to you or I will send it to US media. No money collection. No time waiting. It is in the papers. File number: 2791-8400

  8. At worst he has been involved in multiple scandals, lied about them, reduced The City of Toronto’s brand to that of a bad joke, and has been utterly ineffective and accomplished very little as mayor. He has fostered an environment of distrust and confrontation. His ‘at best’ scenario is the same.

    If that’s not grounds for immediate dismissal, I don’t know what is.

    • He was involved in multiple scandals? All what you call scandals were artificial made up and inflated by the leftist media. Let start with the taxpayers funded CBC that sent a team to his home to harass him and his family, then the made up allegation of conflict of interest of requesting donation before he was elected mayor to cover expenses to poor youth football team that he coaches. Again he was taken to court by leftist lawyers that worked for free trying to depose him and forcing him hire lawyers and spend lot of money to defends himself. and the court dismissed the allegation.
      Following that another court case by the same lawyers that work for free accusing him of libel because he declared that a contract for a restaurants on city property was given to someone without competitive bidding. Again the court dismissed the case but not after forcing Ford to hire and pay lawyer. The purpose of the lawsuits was to prevent Ford doing what he promised to do for the taxpayers of this city and force him to spend hundred thousand dollars of expenses to defend himself from those baseless accusation.
      Following that this unsavory woman accusing him that he touched her stinking Ass. Again big headlines in Torotno Star.
      Now the last story again by leftist media made up allegation of crack cocaine smoking .
      It is a pattern of leftists what they don’t achieve at the ballot they want overturn at the court with trumped up allegations with the help of sympathetic media.

      • I have more on this subject;

        The vendetta of the lefts against Ford is not only against him but against majority of the voters that dared to elect him over G. Smitherman that had all the credentials and qualification in the eyes of the leftist elite..

        Such as: He was at the helm of Ontario’s health ministry during the eHealth boondoggle wasting millions of dollars . And he was in the energy portfolio when the green energy debacle was formulated that we will pay dearly for many years to come, and he was in health when the Ornge air ambulance scandal got rolling.

        Daring to elect Ford that wanted to save taxpayers money and on top of it has a normal family and married to woman that is totally unacceptable
        to the leftist elite. He must be deposed and the blight on the image of Toronto has to be repaired. All means are acceptable for this sacred cause.

        Then there is another thing behind this, a hidden agenda for the future. This is a warning to any future candidate that is not chosen by the leftist elite. Watch out! Don’t dare to run! We will run a roughshod over you and your family. Impoverish you with lawsuits. We will unleash against you our media bloodhounds. You will regret the minute that you to dared to run.

  9. What on Earth makes you think he loves you? He loves crack.

    And if you had any love for yourselves, you’d have him investigated by the federal authorities. Unless of course you can think of some reason why Stephen Harper’s government would not investigate a member of his own party. Other than corruption, that is.

    • Was you one of the so called protesters shown in the pictures? Your post strongly indicates that you might be one of the moonbats that protested against Ford

      • Was you? Did you mean to say “were you”?

        • Yes. You got a brownie point for the last comment. Praise where praise is deserved.

          • I’ll settle for good grammar. Have you considered an ESL course?