Protests against tuition hike turn violent in London -

Protests against tuition hike turn violent in London

At least 14 injured among crowd of 50,000


Upwards of 50,000 people gathered in London Wednesday to protest tuition hikes. As of nightfall, at least 14 people, including both police and protesters, had been taken to hospital after violence broke out. Protests were centered on the 30 Millbank building where the Conservative party is headquartered. In the early afternoon, protesters smashed the building’s windows and stood on the roof waving anarchist flags. Riot police now have the building under control. The protests are ongoing, with hundreds gathered around at least two different fires, chanting slogans like “Tory scum.” The day of action was organized by the National Union of Students, who are opposed to a proposed U.K. austerity measure which would allow universities to charge as much as $20,000 per year. The House of Commons will vote on the bill in December.


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Protests against tuition hike turn violent in London

  1. If these students don't think their schooling is worth the money, they don't have to go. Jerks.

    • I'm sure they will get straight to picking more money off money trees to cover tuition.

      • Or they could get a job, or a student loan, like normal people… or resort to violence like the little spoiled brats that they are I guess, that'll solve everything.

        Lefties: give them everything they want or they will attack!

        • For an increasing number of people student loans and a job are not enough to cover all the bills. It doesn't justify violence, but does mark a problem.