Protests, the coalition and Santa


Rona Ambrose sports a “No Coup” button.


After a Liberal caucus meeting in Ottawa, Bryon Wilfert, the mild-mannered MP, got mad at the media for their attacks on Stéphane Dion’s leadership. Wilfert was one of Dion’s biggest supporters.


Green Leader Elizabeth May at a pro-coalition rally in Ottawa.


One protester sports a Jack Layton and Liberal party pin.


Another man sported balloons shaped like a moose just for fun.


Meanwhile in Toronto…

Jack Layton and Stéphane Dion at a pro-coalition rally in front of Toronto’s City Hall.


Mario Silva (right), a Toronto Liberal MP, with Adam Giambrone, a Toronto councillor.


NDP MPs Joe Comartin (left) and David Christopherson.


Liberal Senator David Smith.


Feist, the Juno Award-winning singing sensation performed at the pro-coalition rally last weekend at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square.


Even Santa Claus got in on the action.



Protests, the coalition and Santa

  1. The Layton/Dion photo makes me wonder when did Dion finally realize that his party was about to make him take a long walk off a short pier. Would he have been attending that rally if he knew two days later he would be out of a job?

  2. Rona’s hair is fabulous these days. I wonder what she uses. Too bad that photo was ruined by that little bit of political porn she’s sporting. Avert your eyes, children!

  3. Re: Ambrose’s “No Coup” button.

    BS spin from a lightweight. Ok, more to the point, it’s simply a lie.

  4. Does Mitchel Raphael have a contract with Elizabeth May to put her in every photoshoot , and get invited to every green party event? Someone tell him please that she is not elected; and yearns for every camera shot and microphone she casts her eyes upon.

    A little discretion please Mitchel. We already know ya love her.

  5. Wow, Feist and Santa supporting the coalition. Now THAT’s a coup!

    And as for the whole “No coup” button thing, it’s beyond bad taste. It’s not just that it’s over-the-top, it’s that it’s woefully ignorant. Either elected officials need to all be given a primer on the functioning of a parliamentary democracy once’ they’re elected, or the Tories are deliberately and maliciously misrepresenting the nature of our political institutions to the populace.

    If the Tories are going to label an attempt at creating a coalition government with the support of the majority of the House of Commons a “coup” then I say it’s time for the other side to break out the “No Fascists” buttons. Because it’s no less outrageous to call a (hypothetical, no less) coalition government with majority support in the House of Commons a coup, then it is to call the Tories fascists.

  6. Where do I get my No Rona button?

  7. Pretty sure the balloons were supposed to be a beaver, not a moose. Just sayin.

  8. Where do I get my No Rona button?

    Home Depot.

  9. Careful Rona – you might get coup-dies wearing that. My, she sure does have a huge neck for a woman.

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