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“Provincially-funded bullying”?

Gay performer banned from school’s anti-bullying event


Comedian Dawn Whitwell claims her invitation to perform at Toronto’s Bishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary yesterday was rescinded after the school board learned she was married to a woman. Whitehall was asked to participate in the anti-homophobia event a month ago, she says, but last week was told not to come. A Toronto Catholic District School Board spokeswoman countered Whitwell’s claim, saying the event was meant to be anti-bullying, not anti-homophobia, that Whitwell was only considered as a possible speaker, and that they were concerned that she might make light of the bullying issue. “The decision was strictly based on the fact that she was a comedienne and they really felt that it wasn’t a good fit,” the spokeswoman told the Globe and Mail. The dustup is just the latest since the Ontario Ministry of Education told Catholic school boards to encourage gay-straight alliances as part of anti-bullying policy: in January, Halton’s Catholic board won international notoriety after it banned gay-straight alliances, and students at a Mississauga high school have been fighting for months to have their own gay-straight alliance recognized. Whitwell told the Globe Catholic schools “can’t move forward,” adding: “My bigger concern is that this amounts to provincially-funded bullying.”

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“Provincially-funded bullying”?

  1. About what you would expect:  any claim by a Catholic school (or any other organ of the church) to be inclusive is a lie.  Modern secular governments prevent the church’s traditional responses to doctrinal disagreement (torture and mass murder), and their publicists use every silly argument they can think of to make it seem like they are being “inclusive”, but nothing has changed, really.  No clubs, no signs, no rainbows, no speakers, no dates at dances, and, were they given their druthers, no gays or lesbians at all, ever. 

    • Kinda like being a Jew at a gay pride parade. Pot, meet kettle.

      • Thumbs down.

      • Actually, Jews have always been welcome at Pride, and there are many Jewish GLBT groups in it.  Many Orthodox Jews, on the other hand, are viciously homophobic. 

    • Just another person brainwashed by the church.  They could care less who is hurt, or even commits suicide as long as it fits their corrupt beliefs.   Its called hatred, plain and simple

      I’m busy reading a book by Daniel Goldhagen  ” a moral reckoning”  its about the complicity of much of the church in the holocaust.  Remember the old story about the Jews being “christ killers’

      And the church has yet to EXcommunicate Hitler, born and baptised catholic in very catholic austria in 1888.  NO excuses here – one would think the worst murderer in history would have been excommed long ago, dead or alive.  Hitler, btw in Mein Kampf details how he came to hate the Jews.

      And in 2009, RATZInger UNexcommunicated a bishop williamson.  He had been kicked out of the church of England for denying the holocaust.  Argentina, when they discovered he was living there kicked him out of their country

      while there were good priests and bishops who saved Jews, the top level of the church is terribly complicit in mass murder/

      http://www.nobeliefs.com/nazis.htm   http://www.catholicarrogance.org

      • you can’t possibly think I’m going to take this nonsensical comment seriously, right? What’s next? hateallcatholics.com? Who is really being brainwashed here?  loool. Thank you for lightening the mood.

        Now, please allow me to give you a more scholarly website that will deal with this nonsense that you posted in a more scholarly fashion.


        Look at your sources, of course you’re going to hate all Catholics. I also invite you to read my blog http://www.viewcatholic.blogspot.com

        Have a nice and blessed day :)

      • Sounds like you’ve been a little TOO busy. I’m not even Catholic, but hey I’ll ask- when there are nuns, priests and laity volunteering all over the world and saving lives, where are the vast legions of gays in third world hell-holes. Complaining about being left out of an anti-bullying conference. Get back to us when you egotistical parasites do something to contribute to the world.

        • Thank you Bernie for standing up to the truth. God bless you.

        • Wow, I _am_ a Catholic, and even I can see that the Church’s top-level response to international child rape has been uniformly despicable. Cardinal Law, a man who knowingly shuffled around abusive priests for years in Boston, got a promotion to a cushy job at the Vatican. WWJD? Not that.

          Yes, a lot of nuns and priests do wonderful things in the 3rd world, but all of that good is undone by the Church’s doctrinal stance that condoms are evil. The suffering caused by ust this one single medieval policy is enough to more than cancel out all of the soup that gets ladled out in inner city kitchens for the needy.

          • r y, you_are_NOT_a Catholic. Get over it. You’ve stopped being Catholic long time ago when you began condemning and rejecting in your heart Catholic doctrine. Life is sacred, read Catechism 2271. Lord Jesus would not condemn and reject His bride, the Church like you are.

            The sex abuse portrait that you are painting is a typical image of a person who has been thoroughly brainwashed by secular and anti-Catholic media. The Church has written on this issue prolifically. You can check for yourself, all it takes is a simple google search.

            Repent and come back to the faith.

    • Thumbs down.