Psychiatrist testifies Guy Turcotte, who killed his children in 2009, is fit for release -

Psychiatrist testifies Guy Turcotte, who killed his children in 2009, is fit for release


Psychiatrist Dr. Louis Morrissette has testified that former St. Jerome cardiologist Guy Turcotte, who killed his two children in 2009, is ready for release. Morrissette is testifying on Turcotte’s behalf at a hearing to determine whether he should remain in psychiatric custody, or go free with or without conditions. The Gazette reports the psychiatrist spent a total of 11 hours with Turcotte, and concluded: “There is no reason, either medical or in terms of the danger he poses, that he should stay in hospital.”

In 2009, Turcotte stabbed his children, 5 and 3 to death after drinking windshield washer fluid in a botched suicide attempt. He was found not criminally responsible for the killings in 2011.

Dr. Morrissette was the first of two psychiatrists expected to take the stand at a hearing to determine whether Turcotte should be released, or held in a psychiatric institution. He stated the conditions are ideal for Turcotte’s return to society and has proposed treating Turcotte if he is released.

Dozens of people marched outside the Philippe Pinel Institute, where Turcotte is currently being held, in a show of support for Morrissette’s ex-wife, the mother of the two children.

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Psychiatrist testifies Guy Turcotte, who killed his children in 2009, is fit for release

  1. If released, would he be eligible to practice medicine again?

    • That’s what he’s planning to do.  Open up a practice or clinic again to ‘get his life back and move on’ or so I’ve read in other articles.

      • As a colleague of mine would say when presented with dumbfounding information – Wow!

  2. Keep it civil folks

  3. This is nuts! This guy should be in jail forever! Too bad he just couldnt finish the job he set out to do first!

  4. Yes , no big deal! Stab and kill your kids then out after 3 years !!! What a joke.

  5. As a person who studied medecine, I’m sure psychology was part of it, so I’m sure that this murderer knew all the signs on how to act like he was insane or very close to it, therefore not responsible for his actions. I’d like to know what his connections are with this Dr. Morrissette.  Were they friends before and he’s helping his ‘friend’ get off?  Wasn’t his testimony responsible for this monster to just get criminally not responsible for the murder of his two children, or at least was a big part of it?

    A person who knows to sharpen his knives the night before his killing spree, wouldn’t have behaved that way if he had been so ‘distraught’.  This to me was pure planning on his part and it would be very hard for anyone to convince me otherwise.  Had he just grabbed any knives, walked upstairs and killed his children out of some kind of numbness or whatever, then maybe but this plan was prepared long before that night.

    To let this monster back out to get his life back, get another practice going, have another woman fall for him, have his kids and the moment something goes wrong, kills them too, and so on and so on.  I definately say, he IS a danger to society.  He needs to never see the light of day.  Those kids will never see the light of day and his ex-wife will never be able to live in peace with him on the loose.  Just because he has MD after his name, doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous to the public and be forgiven for what he’s done.  Disgusting to say the least.

    • MedEcine??

  6. What the hell is wrong with the criminal justice system in this country??

  7. It is interesting to note that the original Gazette article is not available anymore. It has instead been replaced by another article speaking of the divide between doctors over the Turcotte case. The article includes the opinion of Turcotte’s attending physician, Pierre Rochette, who thinks his patient is still not fit for release. Omitting this element in an entry about Turcotte’s psy hearing is slightly misleading…

    The Gazette article is available here:

  8. When the psych  thinks the guy is safe enough to babysit HIS kids, then perhaps.
    Personally, I think he and the public would be better served by his being  incarcerated in a psychiatric institution.
    if he’s insane, as that was an insane act, he needs to be kept confined, and treated.
    If he’s now considered sane, he would realize the monstrous crime he committed and do away with himself.
    A tragedy all around, and for all time.