Pub crawling at 95

Montreal cops escort ancient women on booze outing


Is Montreal a great town, or what? Where else do the city police come round to a nursing home for women and escort the ladies on a semi-annual pub crawl? Okay, “crawl” might be an exaggeration: when you’re pushing 96, one stop feels like bar-hopping. Still, eight gals from Fulford House rode the paddy wagon on Tuesday down to Hurley’s, the fabled watering hole where Mordecai Richler was known to take a sip. A crowd gathered as the tipsy girls emerged onto Crescent Street in the middle of the afternoon, six of them pushing walkers. One guy applauded and pumped his fist. Look for the waiting list to get into Fulford House to grow as news of the outing

Montreal Gazette

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Pub crawling at 95

  1. That is amazing, even more amazing is the fact that their hasn't been a public outcry that police have more important things to do. In Moose Jaw Sk., a police officer with a lot of singing talent would take 20 minutes from his shift, if he was working, to sing the national anthem at the Western Hockey League games. Enough people complained that this was stopped. I say good on the police in Montreal, a little community interation goes along way on both sides.

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