Public Sector Integrity Commissioner resigns -

Public Sector Integrity Commissioner resigns

Announcement comes as AG reveals commissioner is being audited


The federal government’s Public Sector Integrity Commissioner, Christiane Ouimet, announced her resignation (effective two days ago) just as it was revealed her office is being audited by the Auditor General’s office. According to a statement from the Auditor General’s office, there were “complaints against the “Commissioner of Public Sector Integrity and we are conducting an audit. However, we are not providing any further details about this.” The commissioner’s position was created by the Conservative government in 2007 to provide civil servants and members of the public an outlet to complain about wrongdoing in the public sector. Over the past four years, Ouimet’s annual reports have contained no findings wrongdoing.

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Public Sector Integrity Commissioner resigns

  1. Rob Ford for Prime Minister?

    • fat chance… oops my bad.

      • hehehe… :)

  2. they have found no wrongdoings because of the law, which has prevented them to do so. It's the law that has to be changed.

    • Could you explain?

  3. the classic question of who guards the guards?

  4. PSIC does nothing but ruin good hard working public servants reputation. This organization is an extension of the UNION, nothing more!!!!! The investigators for this organization should be ashamed of themselves.