Public sector swelled under Tories

Number of public servants far outpaced population growth


The number of federal public servants soared by 34 per cent over the past decade, far outpacing the 11 per cent rate at which the country’s population grew over the same period, documents obtained by Postmedia News through a freedom of information request reveal. The ranks of core public servants rose from 211,925 in fiscal 2000 to 282,955 in fiscal 2010. The pace of growth reportedly picked up during the Harper government’s nearly six years in power. The data comes from briefing notes presented in April to Treasury Board President Tony Clement, who is leading the Tories’ effort to slash public spending.

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Public sector swelled under Tories

  1. Those documents don’t redact themselves ya know.

  2. How many communications staffers can a country hire?  Wow.

  3. What a surprise.  No doubt included are those Harper political hacks who removed documents from freedom of information requests or sent confidential budget information to lobbyists.  The same ones who received pay raises and severance packages from Harper in March.  

    Meanwhile, gazebo Tony is busy cutting auditors from the Public Words Department and climate scientists.  

  4. The hiring in nearly all government departments was absolutely insane between 2005 and 2010. It has finally calmed down somewhat. The ugly part will come soon as they start reversing it. I doubt they’ll have the stones to get us back to 2001 levels, but they should at least try. Can Tony Clement not do just one stinkin’ think right in his entire life? Just this once? I’d forgive him for everything else if he could just get this one thing right. I’d also like a pony for Christmas. 

  5. Why the Conservatives are creating more NDP voters, I’ll never know.

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