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‘Put that in your pipe, you left-wing kooks’

Don Cherry introduces new mayor Rob Ford at a Toronto city council meeting


Adorned in typically flamboyant pink-and-white patterned silk, Don Cherry, the colourful co-host of Coach’s Corner on Hockey Night in Canada, spoke Tuesday at the new Toronto city council’s inaugural meeting as a special guest of Mayor Rob Ford. “I’m wearing pinko for all the pinkos out there that ride bicycles and everything, I thought I’d get it in,” said Cherry, who went on to blast “left-wing pinko newspapers,” and praise Rob Ford by saying he’s “honest, he’s truthful … he’s going to be the greatest mayor this city has ever seen.” The speech sparked a flurry of activity on social networking sites like Twitter, and a number of councilors wore pink to work on Wednesday to criticize what they see as an unnecessarily divisive speech that sets a negative tone for the start of Ford’s tenure as mayor. The pink trend is catching on—two Toronto groups, Spacing magazine and the cycling organization Biking Toronto, have already started selling “pinko” buttons and t-shirts to “commemorate” the speech.

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‘Put that in your pipe, you left-wing kooks’

  1. Don Cherry as always never disappoints, he always deliver. Can you imagine sending him to Cancun and International bodies as Canada's representative? He might actually scare them to wakefulness and push them to set realistic applicable goals instead of idealistic impraticalities that are not worth the paper they are written on.

    • Agree, make him Canada's Official Spokesman….with Don Cherry there is no beating around the bush, no B.S….like it or not, your going to know where you stand.

      • During the olympics when a UK media complained about Canada, there are some Europeans commenters derided us for being boring. There's even a cruel commenter/blogger in New York times saying that they let people whom they do not like in the dinner table sit beside us – Canadian? Just few months ago, there are some narrow and insecure Canadians complaining about how we Canadians should do out best to please everybody, no matter what, just so we can be on the limelight in the world stage. Well, I would say give them Cherry and I'll bet you, the world can't help but surely notice with bugged eyes. Who knows someday we might replace France or Italy as fashion capital of the world.

  2. I like the idea of commie wearing pink. That way I will know who to throw rocks at.

  3. Cons love clods.

    Especially ones that make a million a year, wear pink suits, and claim to represent the workin' man. LOL

    Oh…and are stuck in the Cold War of the last century.

    • You must admit, he set up a fashion statement among the left, that in itself is an amazing achievement. I would like to see that spread in International organizations. Pink everyone? How I love pink!

  4. Will this forum auto- censor me if I type in the word "douchebag"?

    • Why should we? Afterall, we are all douchebag one/some points in our lives. Come to think of it, that is a good slogan for a button.

    • Why would it? There's nothing bad about it, anymore than razor, deodorant and shaving cream.

  5. Don is a smart guy.He has the left wing down pat.they are a bunch of kooks they want Canada to put in laws that would put our country out of business.They want illegals allowed to stay in Canada for years at taxpayers expense.They do not want our military to have the right equipment.Etc Etc They are complete losers

    • You're into the pink kool-aid I see.

      Here's a hint…Canada isn't IN business, it's a country

      The 'illegals' problem is an American one, not Canadian

      And our military doesn't need WWII equipment.

      • "Here's a hint…Canada isn't IN business, it's a country". Now here is a hint for you. Greece is not doing well financially because all their left leaning laws/policies, which in turn has also caused businesses to not invest in the country due to high taxes and fees. Greece does not have much going for it right now, other than a hand out. So, the analogy that Greece is out of business is not that far off. Kinda like a company that goes belly-up.

        "And our military doesn't need WWII equipment.". What? Where did this come from? Anyways, the problem we have right now is that our military does have poor equipment, not WWII aged, but close to it.

      • The illegals IS Canadian problem.
        Don Cherry delivered a great speech. I don't care about his silly pink suit, he expresses views of many Canadian that are tired with left-wing destructive post-trudeupian ideology.

    • You forgot to mention we want gay porn shown in primary school and all pregnancies to be aborted. There, got it covered now.

  6. Beauty eh?! Way to tell it like it is Don! You've got the "pinko" cockroaches in the media outraged at being exposed to the light of accountability. "We're not pinkos, we're Liberals, Separatists, and NDP'ers".

  7. Interesting how "what you see is what you get" becomes a license for boorish, ignorant behaviour. When he's on Hockey Night in Canada, at least I can turn the self-important loudmouth off.

    • That and 'he tells it like it is' is Con code for 'he's as crude as I'd like to be, but my mother raised me better'

      • Grace, manners and chivalry are lost on the lefty losers. Better to treat them like the scum they are.

        • LOL he says as he calls people losers and scum.

        • Hey, Grapes, give it a rest…we've had enough of your Neanderthal act for this week (actually, for ever).

  8. I wonder where Don Cherry bought that pink flowery fabric, I am interested to wear the same thing to celebrate him and call it a "Pinko Cherry day". If only someone could organize a drive for anyone interested to wear pink flowery shirt or tie on a certain agreed date, that would be hillariously great.

    • Well I'm not saying where he got it, but there is a little old lady somewhere in Mississauga wondering who the hell stole her curtains.

      • That's a good one! That particular suit will be remembered in Canadian history. How much do you think it will fetch down the road? If I am the old lady, I should demand it back as retirement cache.

  9. Don Cherry should be in charge of the CBC, he's one of the main reasons Canadians watch the only show that is watched on the CBC.

  10. Grapes is so washed up. His schtick has gotten so old, redundant, and predictable. Yawn…

  11. I’m sure he was referencing the previous Socialist,over-spending,screw the taxpayer, Mayor,David Miller
    when he said “left wing kooks”. Sure sounds like him.
    What do you have against someone that wants to watch for wasteful spending and actually seems to care
    about doing something about over-taxation in Toronto. I don’t live there but if I did, I’d want hm working for me.
    A far cry from the one we have here in Cambridge.

  12. The problem with Rob Ford is not that he is "conservative" or that he talks about cutting taxes or that he intends on polarizing Toronto city council or even that he appears to be extremely boorish – the problem is that his numbers don't add up.

    He wants to freeze taxes AND build subways AND not cut services… and he hasn't figured out yet that he won't be able to do all of those things. Or perhaps he doesn't care.

    As for Don Cherry: his actions were beneath contempt.

  13. I once read that his wife Rose was always the moderating factor in Don's life. Since she passed Don has gone increasingly off the rails.

    Sad, but no excuse for his inauguration performance which just cemented his reputation as a loud-mouth jerk.

    • Common, get off your high horse, it is getting so predictable.

    • i don't even like hockey but catching a bit of Don's rants is always interesting …Don is like many people's wild uncle from a small town.. I don't really hear much from him that is shocking

      • Good Description, Maybe he is related to Don Rickels,,,similar Schtick……….

  14. Oh no! Did Don Cherry offend the poor little sensitive souls of the political correctness police? Oh my! My panties are in a knot!

    • Finaly…Somebody on here with a sense of humor…..Gaaawd !!!!!

  15. Cherry is a fool.

  16. I'm old enough to remember when conservative didn't mean boor. The swearing in ceremony was not supposed to be about Cherry. He's a narcissist as well as a bigot and a lout.

  17. Cherry had to do some backtracking years ago with his rantings about the Russian and other European players. The same thing is going to happen here. He has no business bringing politics into HNIC since that is where we will have to look at his face and be reminded that he is a Harperite. Every opinion he gives will now be judged by the "pinkos" who represent about 70% of the population. Nice move, buddy boy, you really rocked and socked em that night.

  18. I don't know if picking a clown to annouce at my iinaugural meeting is sending the right message.

  19. DON CHERRY , was asked on a local live radio talk show, just what he thought about the allegations of torture of suspected terrorists.
    His reply prompted his ejection from the studio, but to thunderous applause from the audience.
    "If hooking up one rag-head terrorist prisoner's testicles to a car battery to get the truth out of the lying little camel-shagger will save just one Canadian life, then I have only three things to say:
    Red is positive, Black is negative, and make sure his nuts are wet!" Well if Don would do this to a suspected terrorist I would not want to see what he suggests for a real one.
    He is a xenophobic racist idiot with a microphone. He wanted Canada to go with Bush and invade Iraq and but not going so we were not , and I am not making this up, " not supporting the troops". Of course Don loves Harper. Neo cons are usually not very bright but this one will make History for his inane diatribes

    • must be gary dale of west hill,he was always a commie

  20. i dont like cherry but his comments were right-on