Put your Obama IQ to the test

All eyes have been on Obama during his first six months in the White House. See how close you’ve been paying attention.


090730_obama Test your Obama knowledge.

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Put your Obama IQ to the test

  1. This might be fun … if the questions would SHOW on the quiz screen…

  2. one would think the contents of the quiz was a little tougher lol

  3. Hey i got over a 100% on that quiz,,,and won a new sts cadillac, Thank you MACLEANS……

  4. It's the perfect metaphor. All hype and no substance.

  5. is that the point? lol No content? Maybe its a joke.

  6. I got as far as question 11 and it did not move on to the next question. Technical problem

  7. Lolz, very funny. Thank you!

  8. I think this test is awesome!

  9. It was just like Christmas all over the world the day Barrack Obama was sworn into office. Liberals and socialist alike all over the world rejoiced as their messiah had finally arrived .What did the liberal media and european socialist bestow upon the new messiah the new prince of peace on the twelfth day of Christmas i.e Obama's 12 day in office why of course a Noble peace prize .Two years later Christmas seems more like Halloween.